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Exams are looming, time is of the essence, revision should be reaching fever pitch. But truthfully, how are you fairing so far? Are you avoiding the subject entirely? Or facing it headfirst?

We’ve taken a really scientific look at this issue (okay, so really we just asked a few people in the Birmingham City University canteen) and found the six most common types of reviser.

Do you recognise yourself? If so, we can even give you a few useful tips – all so you’re better prepared for your exams. Good luck!

1. Over Confident
There’s no stopping you. You’ve done everything you need to. You don’t even have to revise anymore because as far as you know, you’re good to go.

Top Tip: Being confident is a great asset but we all have our weaknesses. Look for areas you may be able to improve upon and revise them. Go through areas you’re confident about and make sure you’ve not missed anything. Then you’ll be exam ready.

2. Bag of nerves
As soon as you think about exams, your heart beats faster and your whole world tumbles down. No matter how much you actually know about your chosen subjects, you can’t stop fearing the worse.

Top Tip: Stressing out about exams is normal but don’t let your nerves get in the way of you passing your exams. Relaxation techniques, a bit of fresh air and short spells of revision would definitely help you.

3. Dreamer
Your mind is always miles away from where it should be. You find focusing on one single point hard and sitting in front of a notepad or laptop makes you very fidgety.

Top Tip: Have you considered revising with a group of friends? They may be able to help you focus. If one of your friends is really organised (see Type 4: Project Manager) why don’t you ask them if they can break your revision down and put you on the right path? Or try our revision timetable. (

4. Procrastinator
If you had to choose between revision and tidying your room, chores win every time. You understand deadlines but they’re movable for the latest Game of Thrones episode… right?

Top Tip: Sorry, but now’s the time to learn to prioritise. Give yourself set study periods. If you think you’ll cheat, ask parents to help by confiscating phones or warn friends to tell you off if they see you on Facebook or Whatsapp at those times when you should be revising!

5. Project manager
Your organisational skills are second to none. You know exactly what to do and you’ve set yourself clear deadlines. You measure your progress and adapt your revision as needed.

Top Tip: Being so organised is very advantageous – just don’t forget to have some time off. Too many deadlines could add to your stress levels and turn you into ‘Type 2: Bag of Nerves’. Check out #RevisionRewards for inspiration.

6. Caffeine-driven
The number of coffees should never outnumber the hours you have to sit to study. If it does, it’s become such an obsession you’re probably on too high alert.
Top Tip: Cut down on the caffeine and look for healthier ways to feel motivated. A walk in the park or a quick swim should give you the boost you need, make you less reliant on hot drinks and help you to focus on what should be your priority.

See more of our students top tips surviving revision:
What do you find helps when revising?
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Thank you for the tips, the one I come into is the second, the bag of nerves. A bit of fresh air sometimes does really help.

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