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    Hi, I know I said I would be taking a brief break from TSR but I felt the need to make this thread. Today, I found out about a Russian folk story which both motivated and inspired me, which is very helpful before exams start. I hope that by sharing it, other people will benefit from it too.

    Briefly, the story goes as follows:
    Two mice were before a tree, watching intently as the snow settled gracefully upon a branch. One asked the other “How much does a snowflake weigh?” To which the reply was “A little less than nothing.” Eventually, the snowfall came to a halt. Both mice noticed a single snowflake fall towards the branch of the tree. This branch snapped and fell, teaching the mice a new lesson. ‘A little less than nothing’ can make a large difference.
    (I know, it's not exactly in season but whatever )

    I really like this story because I think it’s important to hold onto and embrace the smaller things in life because it’s very easy to take them for granted. This can be related to numerous aspects of life. In an everyday sense, you can look into the actions others do for you and how that makes you feel. Things such as someone opening the door for you or trying to accompany you are acts of kindness and love. They are very small acts of kindness, but would have made your life much easier and potentially had a large impact on your feelings at the time. It’s a great idea to look at how you as an individual can impact others too. This could be actively like helping a charity or listening to and helping someone who’s going through a difficult time.

    I’ll be honest, I wasn’t feeling all too great this morning. Hearing this story today helped me to feel somewhat better. The idea of loving yourself for who you are is something that can be easy to forget about, more so for some than others. I found that this story helped to draw up small things I liked about myself. I really would recommend doing this. I feel if you have lots of big things going on in your life, they can very simply block out the smaller, more meaningful aspects and characteristics you have. So, if you are feeling down or confused about life, I do think writing a list of small things you like about yourself will help in the end. Everyone is unique and valuable in their own ways, even if they can't see it themselves. I don't think anyone is an exception to this and I feel like we should be joyful about such individualities.

    The main reason for this thread is to link the folk story to stress. Exams are yet to start for many students and some have already started. I hope you’re not getting caught up in the stress of it all. To those who have actually succeeded in doing plenty of revision, well done. :top: To those who have left in very last minute or don’t feel happy about their current working grades, there is still time to improve. Granted, there is not much time at all. However, each tiny step taken to get an extra mark is an advancement. Such a small bit of progress can ultimately make a large difference to the grade you end up with. I think in order to prevent yourself from getting too stressed, you need acceptance. To accept where you are, what is to come, and that you can try.
    I find instead of focusing on the negativity of the long road ahead of you, it’s better and much more enjoyable to embrace what you have achieved and to work on continually moving forward with a steady, open mind. Besides, ‘It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.’It’s also true that the show must go on.

    After exams, many people tend to worry about their results. However, this won’t help you in any way after the exam. There’s nothing you can do to change what you’ve written. Besides, you could be worrying over nothing if it turns out you do a lot better in the test than you actually thought you did. Therefore, I’d suggest trying to forget about the exams you’ve done and simply focus on those you have yet to do. At the end of this, you can relax and do whatever you want to make yourself happier. Why worry before your results when you could be enjoying the sun or having fun going out with your friends? This very small change to how you react after exams can act as a huge reward for yourself. I appreciate that this is much harder for some people to do but it’s definitely worth a try.

    Hopefully, that helped you at least a bit, if not as much as it benefited me. I hope that the exams that have been completed so far have gone well and as expected. Good luck to everyone with exams and coursework still left to be done (again). You can do it! :yep: :hugs:
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