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Pain in the arse though, when you're already late to a lecture...
Exactly, great in treory but a pain in the arse in practice.
I agree! :tongue:
Are you looking forward to Hilda's now? Do you think you'll meet your offer? I'm SO scared... :frown: :biggrin:

I should meet my offer of AAB, but I think I'm going to be really disappointed with AABB.

And as for going, I'm beginning to regret it. :frown: Only a few weeks to make the most of my life!
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yeh just use 2 locks, one for front wheel and frame, one for back wheel and frame
I don't have a bike because I value my life! The roads are crazy! Colwey road in particular is a death trap. But those who do have bikes appear to spend a tenner on the bike and £50 on various locks.