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How do you squirt?
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I'm a het 19yo female. I have a great boyfriend who I've been dating for a year now and have sex with regularly. I orgasm every time I masturbate but I've never been able to *** from sex.

We all know girls find it harder to orgasm from sex. I'm not here for tips, just wanted to hear your stories. Girls - how long did it take you to be able to *** from sex? How did it happen? Guys - does it make you anxious when your girl can't ***? Have you ever made someone *** (from sex) for the first time?

Even more interesting: non het. girls - is this issue as prominent in lesbian sex?
No! Women don't find it harder to orgasm from sex - that's a complete misconception. It's also a misconception that we can only *** from penetration (or that we have to to be normal). Why do you think the largest percentage of women who orgasm regularly are lesbians or bisexual? (the issue is not prominent) I have had sex with many women and it's generally not an issue, except when you're having drunk sex with someone and it might be their or your first time!

You need to communicate with your boyfriend, tell him what works for you and what doesn't and stop protecting his male ego. I know it's hard but you don't have to spare anyone's feelings at the expense of your own pleasure, because eventually it will make the relationship unhealthy. A year is a really long time to not have had this discussion so think about it.

Regarding my story, initial sex I have had (with men) was mediocre and focused on their own pleasure. I didn't orgasm with them, but I knew it wasn't my fault, because I could easily orgasm elsewhere. So foreplay would be short, then they go straight to penetration, then ask 'why I'm not wet enough' lol, and it's all just so boring.

My partner now [man] is someone who is good in bed [that means they listen, watch me to see what I like, ask questions, experiment, and don't come in with the mindset that they know everything about my body but that they are willing to learn].
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Not every girl can achieve orgasm from sex. Some just come quicker than others. If this was not true then it would take every girl on the planet around the same amount of time to come from masturbation. But it doesn't does it.

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