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    Recently I've been looking at HSPS at Cambridge, and I think that it sounds like an amazing course. The modules you can take all seem as though they would interest me, and I feel as though the A Levels I will be taking will suit the course well.

    What I would like to ask though are quite a few things.

    Firstly, how competitive is HSPS in terms of Cambridge competitiveness? I know that purely because it's a course at Oxbridge that it will be pretty competitive, but is it as much as, say Modern and Medieval Languages? (I know there are way more competitive courses, but that's the other course I've been looking at)

    Secondly, is there any other uni that offers a very similar course to Cambridge's HSPS? I haven't even got my GCSE's yet, so I can't really set my expectations too high. I would ideally like to go to a good university, especially one that offers a similar course. The only problem is that the universities I've looked at usually only offer Politics and International Relations, or Politics and Economics, courses which aren't as broad at Cambridge's.

    Thank you

    Hiya George (and fellow Labour member, I assume!!)

    I've been offered a place to study HSPS - subject to A Levels (ughhh)

    In terms of competitiveness, I would say that it is a relatively competitive course. I've been offered a place at Trinity, where 55 individuals applied, and 6 were offered places. Don't be scared by this though, as other courses are even more competitive. I suppose you could Google the application statistics for HSPS and MML and compare - but my advice would be to consider the course's content, as opposed to the statistics etc. Go with the heart!

    In relation to similar courses, I considered one in Durham (may have been social sciences?) and I also loved the look of Liberal Arts at Kings (which allowed you specialise in various subjects such as Politics or IR.) This one is really broad, so if that's a priority, I would definitely consider it. A friend of mine who also applied for HSPS actually prefers the course at Warwick - so maybe that's worth a look too. (It's something along the lines of Pol/IR/World Development.) Though, for me, nothing can beat the HSPS syllabus!

    If you need anything else, let me know - unsure if I answered all your questions. You should also take a look at the 'askacambridgestudent' Tumblr page.

    If I think of anything else, I'll let you know!

    Right, I'm off to do some revision. I would get an A* in procrastination.

    Hiya im studying HSPS at Cam right now
    Honestly, it is quite a competitive course, but definitely not the worst so its not too bad to apply for in terms of confidence, but remember it does fluctuate (my year my college had 37 apps and gave 9 places, this year they had 42 apps and gave 7 places)
    If you wanna look at complete statistics, go here:
    Anyways, its a fab course but i tell ya its been the most trying experience of my damn life. If you're going to apply, make sure you think really hard about it, my college has had a number of drop-outs; it's not for everyone and the stress is Real
    that being said, this term (exam term!) ive felt really settled, able to study at my own pace without the stress of an essay every three days, which gives me time to appreciate this place and the work im doing, which ive realised is actually incredibly interesting.
    (most of) the lecturers are fabulous and the flexibility is such that you can actually change your trackafter youve started, you can even change your course!
    Oh yeah, top tip > if theres a course you really want to do but you think is too difficult to get in to (like english), apply for a less competitive course that is kind of similar (like anglo saxon norse and celtic), then just switch, its easy as pie tbh

    I dont know why im writing all this, im cramming for my next exam but any excuse to procrastinate!
    Lemme know if you have any questions

    (sorry if this makes no sense and/or has many typos, its late and im a tad delirious)
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