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    Thanks for the help

    (Original post by Nadia44)
    So, last year i was on school summer holidays and i thought i would talk to a new boy. I messaged someone in the year above as he was cute, he seemed to like cool things and i just wanted to get to know him. We literally talked for 5 days non-stop. I had work experience so i would go to work everyday and i would tell him that i was going to work and that i would message him when i was done. i used to get home and just think oh ill just wait to see if he actually does want to talk to me. Within about an hour of being at home he used to message me. i began to like him and i could tell he felt the same way as well.

    He asked to meet up before we had school and i said yeh but inside i felt so nervous. A girl in my year was having a party and i was like ooo i can talk to him there first so it wouldn't be awkward when we met. While we were texting he asked me if i was going and i was shocked as i didn't really think he was going. Later that night i found out none of my friends would be going to i told him i probably wouldn't be going and he was like oh well i won't either then. Then after that i decided to go with one of my friends but didn't want to keep bringing it up so didn't tell him. A day before the party i heard a rumour from one of my friends that he wanted to know which girls were easy (which means he could get a girl and easily sleep with them) so stupidly i asked him if it was true and he fully changed. He wanted to know who said this and when they said it. Basically he said we couldn't talk anymore because i basically betrayed him. I feel so stupid now that i asked him but i can't change it.

    Its been ten months since then and he's has two girlfriends since then. I feel like I'm getting over him but when i see him around school i become sad because i just imagine that i could have been with him all this time. I dont how why i still think about him. I never even talk to him and he told me that he doesn't even like me so why am i not getting over him?! Recently i realised that he unfollowed me off instagram and twitter which is really weird. He also followed my best friend off it so maybe its not directed at me.

    I just need some advice on what to do in this situation. I am moving into 6th form so i will be seeing him everyday. Do i keep trying to find something between us or do i move on?
    To be honest, I would just move on. I know it can be very difficult if you've got attached to someone, but you end up breaking your own heart. I had a similar situation where I liked a guy, for him to just not bother with me shortly afterwards. And I don't know why I let myself stay attached to him for so long, because I imagine he has long forgotten about me now he's at uni.
    It's also not a good sign that he 'fully changed' when he was challenged. You'll have to ask yourself which side is really him - the side you knew when talking to him, or the 'challenged' side. And when he said 'betrayed'.... You hardly betrayed him by asking him a question. It's almost like he doesn't want you to know he's like that. As hard as it is to say, I'm guessing with him having 2 girlfriends since then, he's moved on. But honestly, I think you're better off without him if he's like this.
    It's so easy to get yourself attached to 'the idea' of someone, rather than what they're actually like. Trust me, it will take a while to get him out of your head. But don't think you need to get attached to another guy to get this one out of your head, because it will just continue the cycle with the next one. It's been nearly a year since I last saw the guy I was into - since he's now gone to uni, but I still feel sad when I think about him. The best medicine for this is just to tell yourself that you're better off without him - whether you really think that or not. It's the only way that I'm managing to detach myself.
    As for unfollowing you off social media, it's just what a lot of people do when they feel they no longer need to keep contact with that person. I wouldn't take it too harshly. What happened to me, was that he followed my sister instead of me which made me feel awful. But still, if I saw him again now, I might not even like him anymore. As for seeing him everyday, that will make it harder, but stick with the idea that you're better off without him.
    Really don't try to find something between the two of you at this late stage, it's not worth it, and not worth the heartache it may cause. There are plenty more fish in the sea. Definitely move on with your life, afterall, you don't need a guy in your life, you can be just as happy, if not happier, when you're single Best of luck
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    Thank you for your response. Your response has helped me realise that he is no good and its true when you said about his two types of personality. I think the thing i will do is just block out thoughts of him in my mind and when i see him in school just walk straight past. I think i will defiantly meet someone new when i move up into sixth form as new people come in.

    Thank you again x
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