When does Social Work 2016 course begin?

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    My name is Stephanie. I wanted to enquire the official starting date for the Bsc Social Work course at Canterbury Christ Church university 2016. The time for registration? The time for accommodation? The time for fresher week?

    I just wanted to speak with people who will be on the Bsc Social Work course at Canterbury Christ Church University and get to know them.


    I just went onto the cccu website to check out dates for myself, and saw this - it may be of interest to you. However, I thought nurses and social workers did longer at uni than the rest of the degrees, so it may be inaccurate.


    2016/2017 Holiday and Semester Dates for Canterbury Christ Church University

    Semester / Holiday First Day Last Day
    Semester 1 Monday September 19 2016 Friday December 9 2016
    Christmas Holidays Saturday December 10 2016 Tuesday January 3 2017
    Semester 1 Wednesday January 4 2017 Sunday February 5 2017
    Semester 2 Monday February 6 2017 Friday March 17 2017
    Easter Holidays Saturday March 18 2017 Monday April 17 2017
    Semester 2 Tuesday April 18 2017 Friday June 16 2017
    Summer Holidays Saturday June 17 2017

    Hi again,

    Just spoke to an undergraduate friend - they started 7th September last year! I thought they did longer... I think a phone call may be required to check.

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    Thank you so much mld. was the 7th of September - the day of registration or the day of fresher's week?

    7th was registration day, and beginning of the course. Freshers week starts after that - due to the length of the professional courses. Freshers' week is the same for everyone.- but you'll also have lectures, just lots of parties etc as well.

    I'm at the uni doing my PhD, and we don't even stop for the summer! You will have summer holidays though.

    Look at this page

    it says when the social work course starts, (5th Sept) and when the other degrees start - that's when freshers week will be.

    Have you got accommodation sorted yet? I really hope that you enjoy your course.

    Anyone doing business on sep
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Updated: April 10, 2017
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