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Everyone put down some quotes for the ethics 1 and 2 paper so we can help each other out

Here's a couple:
Fertility Treatment: 'be fruitful and multiply'
Abortion: 'you shall not murder' etc..
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Fertility Treatments: 'Children are a gift from the Lord'

General (you can kinda use this in multiple topics): '...you must clothe yourself with compassion and kindness'

Euthanasia and possibly others: 'Everything that happens in this world happens at the time God chooses'

Sexual relationships out of marriage: "Go forth and multiply" (can also be used against contraception)

Marriage: 'a man shall leave his mother and father to unite with his wife, they will become one flesh' (procreative aspect of marriage)

Adultery: 'Do not commit adultery' or 'God wants you to be holy and free from sexual immorality'

Drugs, adultery and stuff like that: '...Don't you know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit...'

Equality/ argument against wars, etc: '...love your neighbour as you love yourself'

Equality, the argument against racism: '...you are all one in Jesus Christ'

argument for protecting the environment: 'God looked at everything he had made and he was pleased'

Charity: 'If you have material possessions and see a brother or sister in need and have no pity on them, how can the love of God be in you?'

and that's all I can think of at the top of my head lol. There are many, many more but u can probably use these quotes for more than one argument.
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you can reuse a lot of the quotes for different topics

Prejudism -
''love your neighbour as yourself''
''when an alien lives with you, do not mistreat him''
''there is neither jew or greek, male or female for you are one in jesus christ''
''god made man in his image''
''God's kingdom is open to all''
''women shall not have authority over a man for they have sinned''
''women shall be silenced for adam was formed first then eve''
include some teachings or case studies like: Protestant allows women to be priests whereas catholics don't and how the Dutch reform church believe in white supremacy

Abortion -
''you saw me before i was born'' so God has a relationship with the unborn before theyre born shows theyre important
''god in grace called me to serve him before i was born''
''let the children come to me and dont hinder them''
''when you greet me, the baby in my womb leaped for joy''
''God set the time and place...''
Sanctity of life says all life is precious and a gift from god, only god has the right to take it away
10 commandments ''do not kill''
church of england believe in the lesser of the two evils - abortion is accepted if it harms the mother's life
Double effect (Catholics) - this means they believe that it's ok if a dr performs an operation on the mother and the baby is unintentionally harmed and aborted.

War -
''love your neighbour as yourself''
''god is a warrior, god is mine''
''turn the other cheek''
''an eye for an eye''
Jesus once used force to drive out those who taxed people for changing currency or something like that, so war is accepted cos he used force
Jesus healed a high priest's ear, someone who was trying to arrest him. this is to say violence is not ok even when your life is in danger
South american christians believe in the liberation theology where they accept violence to overthrow oppression
war is acceptable because of the holy wars in the past against muslims
''God set the time and place...'' nuclear weapon wipes out everyone, and this is playing god because your killing people before their time is up according to god.
Quakers are pacifists and will not resort to violence at all
Sanctity of life

animal rights -
We have dominion over animals
we are also stewards so we're meant to care for animals
''rule over the fish of the sea, birds of air and any creature that moves on the ground''
''animals by nature are destined for the past, present and future of humanity''
God told Noah ''all these animals are food for you''
10 commandments do not kill does not apply to animals
''kind men look after their animals, wicked men are cruel to theirs''
God gave man free will to do anything with animals
''arent 5 sparrows worth 2 penny yet none are forgotten by god'' though they are worthless in money, god will not forget
Noah saved all of those animals during the flood
and God said we should eat a vegetarian diet

quotes dont have to be exact in exam as long as they cover the meaning. good luck!

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