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Could anyone help me with how to answer a C question (8 marks) on the following:

How the argument for causation leads to belief in God.

How the argument for design leads to belief in God.

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How the argument for causation leads to belief in God?
Points to make include:
- The Causation Arguement;
- Everything in the world has a cause and effect;
- The Universe is also an 'effect'
- Therefore The Universe has a cause
- This is the Big Bang but if we keep going back there must be a 'First Cause'
- This First Cause could not have been caused so it must be something all-powerful meaning God
- So we believe this is evidence for God's existence.

How the argument for design leads to belief in God?
Points to include:
- William Paley is known for his contribution to the Design Argument with his watch analogy
- The Design Argument states that everything with complexity and purpose must have been made by something intelligent
- William Paley argued: If you came across a watch in a field you'd see that in its complex design and the purpose it has it must have a watch maker
- He compares this to the Universe and states therefore everything in the Universe (such as our eyes to see and nature) as well as the Universe itself with all its complexity must have been made by something greater than us
- This leads to the conclusion that God exists

P.S With eight markers try break down the topic of the question with four points in your answer
I'm happy if I was able to help sorry if I couldn't
In the case of the latter here's some revision for these topics:
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Explain how design may lead to belief in God (8 Marks)

One reason why design may lead to belief in God is because we humans life in a very spectacular and beautiful world. The world is so extraordinary it must have been created by someone such as God who is omniscient and capable of creating the world.

Another reason is because there is evidence of design in the world. For example, in our earth we have the laws of science such as magnetism and gravity. The force of gravity is the perfect force to keep the world in the solar system and so keep us on the earth's surface. Only God must have been capable to create the world.

Another reason is because of evolution. Evolution provides evidence of design because of its complexity, all animals evolve to adapt. This suggests the world has been designed, anything that is designed must have a designer and this may be God.

Finally, the world must have been designed because of the Paley's watch theory. According to William Paley, if a watch appeared in a desert we would assume it was designed. Similarly, a world too has a perfect purpose and so must have been designed.

Explain how design Causation lead to belief in God (8 Marks)

One reason is because of the Thomas Aquinas theory. Thomas aquinas said everything needs to be moved by something, something must have caused the world. If we move back to the very first cause, this is known to us as God.

Another reason is because of how unlikely the world was to be caused. The world was no accident, the big bang happened at the right microsecond and the universe was formed.

Another reason is because in the world there is the basic effect for every cause. Similarly, for every cause there is an effect. This suggests a creator must have caused the existence of the world.

Another reason for cause is because the universe could not have just caused itself. In order for the world to have been caused something extremely powerful must have caused it, God, who is omnipotent must have caused it.

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