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So I decided to go through past papers on what keywords have come up and what haven't to make it easier on what key ones to memorise (even though we should know all of them haha)
Unit 2

KEYWORDS that have NEVER come up from 2010-2015
Section 1 - believing in God
(Natural evil is the only one to have come up 2 times, 3 times if you include 2 examples of natural evil, the rest of the definitions have come up once on this unit)

Section 2- Matters of Life And Death
-sanctity of life
(Reincarnation come up 2 times, the rest of the definitions have come up once, my second prediction would either be: assisted suicide or resurrection?)

Section 3-
-pre-marital sex
(Re-constituted family came up 2 times, my second prediction would be promiscuity or homesexuality)

Section 4-
-multi-ethnic society
-multi-faith society
(Prejudice came up twice, rest came up once)
This is based ONLY on the past papers since I like to predict what comes up and make sure I fully know the keywords.
Those of you who are doing unit 8 too, I may post up another one of these.

I strongly advise you know at least half of the keywords that come up for each section however.

It's an extra GCSE anyway even if you won't be pursuing it
Good luck x

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