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Biology is really important in Dentistry, and most universities specify offers with an A in Chemistry AND Biology.
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Yes, if you can't stand it for A-Level what are you going to do about the Biology aspects of the Dentistry course?
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Its not that I couldnt stand it, I'm still contemplating wether or not to drop it...

I guess it would put me at a greater advantage than with eng lit and is a safer option. :rolleyes:

i think you have to do biology,
if u drop it and dont have a valid reason
they may think you are not interested in the dentistry course
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You HAVE to have Biology
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up to AS.....
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Best thing to do is check all the uni requirements. It will say on their websites... If not email the admission tutors... :smile:

But in a nutshell 3 out of the 4 unis i applied for wanted an A in bio along with A chem...

Having bio is not an advantage tbh, its the MINIMUM requirement to compete with other Dentist hopefuls.
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haha nitnotnat you have done the EXACT same AS's as me. However for me I enjoyed Biology the most and I ended up dropping Maths as I hated mechanics and much preferred the other 3 subjects. Like the others have said sticking with Biology would probably be advisable. jokjok11 is totally right about how some uni's require A's in both bio and chem so in that instance Biology would seem a must but every uni is different so you would have to research into that. Like maybe look for uni's that don't require Bio as much as the others?
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Its not that I hated biology I can't bear to do it next year, I just enjoyed English a lil bit more. It was just a bit different from the other subjects.

Ihave had a look at unis that would be okay with chemistry at AS&A2 and just biology at AS, but, if I was to drop it, I don't want it to lessen my chances of being accepted.

Is the 'or' in 'biology or chemistry' misleading?
normally not...if they say either bio or chem, then its what they say...thing is, u'll get limited choice of places to apply as many of them also ask for both subjects...if ur not sure call the unis to ask-they normally deal with this problem! I don't think u'll be disadvantaged in any way (in terms of admissions atleast), but in the long run, at uni, bio is a pretty major part of the course!!
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if i were u i wudnt drop english lit. i did it and when i went to my interviews all 4 asked why i did english lit coz it was very rare for a dental candidate to do a more traditional subject. i told them it would improve my techniques on analysing coz u learn those when u read texts and then have to extract themes, imagery etc etc. i also said that it helped me express myself much clearer which would be an advantage since there is a BIG emphasis on dentist-patient contact...those two points, esp the last one really blew them off they were impressed and i think i scored quite a few marks there.
omg-i said something so similar durng my interviews-but they also asked me about my reading habits and what book i had read recently...but yeah eng lit is supposedly unusual...

but another thing is few ppl enjoy literature (my 2 friends took it upto AS cos they didnt really enjoy it) wouldnt really advise doin it to A2 if u don't like the subject..
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I really enjoy Eng lit.

What reasons could I give for not wanting to continue with biology into A2 at interviews?
hhmmm...maybe not enough resources at school or teacher has been consistently changing/is not good enough? (you gotta lie)