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Girls - Thoughts on Compliments? watch

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    I wanna be flirty with a girl I haven't talked to for a while (she's flirty too and I want to appear as confident as possible), but I've never really paid girls compliments before, except for acknowledging their sense of humour. Do you like comments on your physical appearance or your clothing or your personality traits? And in a casual conversation how the hell do you bring compliments in? I like her style and the way she dresses definitely (and she covers up so I'm not being a perv), how do I bring it up? Thanks.
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    I like it when guy's look at my boobs.
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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    I like it when guy's look at my boobs.
    really? most people find it weird/ disturbing ....

    I think the key is sincerity and scarcity, a more a man compliments people the more I distrust them, or believe them to be easily handed out, if i've known someone for a year and they say 'you're really smart' it's going to have more impact than if i've known you for 5 minutes. As for appearance, a girl likes to be desired, if she looks good say so, but don't overdo it. I'd say girls like more specific compliments that say something unique about them. Sexual compliments are fine as well, sometimes a girl doesn't want to be told she's modest or nice, sometimes she wants to know a man wants her.

    As the above poster said, sincerity is key. If a guy was to continuously compliment my looks in a general way "you're cute/hot/etc" I'd not see it as genuine at all and think they were the type of guy who just wants a bit of fun.

    My favourite compliments have been from male friends, personality related. Standing in the queue at a bar one night and just hearing my friend randomly come out with "Honestly you are the nicest person I know. No one could ever say anything bad about you. I mean we can all be d**ks sometimes but not you" was by far the best and most genuine compliment I've had.

    If you are going to compliment her looks, I'd just get chatting to her and just mention that she has "lovely eyes/smile" at some point (assuming she does)

    Personally I don't like it when a guy (or anyone for that matter) overly compliments me. i just think it's too much and I get annoyed- that's just my personal preference though
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