The FAIL SAFE GUIDE to passing AS Sociology Education - in under 8 HOURS!

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Not revised for tomorrow? Here's what you need to do?
I'm going to be using this plan for my last minute cramming for AS Education research methods in context paper tomorrow morning. Here are the steps:

1) Download & sign up for an app called Quizlet
2) Sign up with Facebook.
3) In the search box type in AS Education & research methods - you'll see a load of `sets` there - these are key words, which have as sociology notes on them - use these if you have no notes - click on the appropriate sets which you will need for your exam - there are millions of these
4) look @ the flashcards, test yourself on key terms, play quizlet games
5) Type AQA AS sociology past papers into google click on the top link
6) Write out a few plans or try answering some 20 mark questions PETPETPET
7) Look @ mark schemes / assessors reports etc
8) keep looking over those quizlet flash cards & look in you sociology textbooks/notes etc
9) Feel free to post how you thought tomorrows exam went! Good Luck!!!

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