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    For the last few years (yes, YEARS) Ive been applying for work, mostly part time so it could be done around college and now uni. However I am now 22 and have NEVER had a proper job.

    I've only had very short temporary jobs (1 summer job lasting a whole 4 days for an event, and 1 xmas job which was 4 saturdays). Now you could say I've not been applying, but I've been on average doing 30 Online applications and handing out 10 CVs a week (CVs are rather low since most places are online app only and the places that take them hold onto them for awhile), of course it's not consistent due to lack of new jobs available or my time has been limited due to a dead lines, etc.

    I've been applying for so many jobs now that it is now going to massively screw me over, since I need a place to rent at the end of June, and I cannot find anywhere without a job or savings (which I do not have due to lack of income).

    I have revised my CV and had it checked over many times by various people, I've had assistance from others filling out online applications, I've been to agencies (which was the xmas job, still call them weekly for new stuff but alas, nothing), been to smaller businesses, everything I can think of. I've also been applying for literally anything that I can physically do (Even Mcdonalds declined me!).

    I've been volunteering in my spare time, the people who run it have agreed to be references for me and every bit of work I do for them, as well as for the other small jobs I've had I've gotten nothing but praise.

    I really feel like I must be doing something wrong. I've had a lot of weird encounters such as managers throwing my CV in the bin after i've given it to them (quite obvious when they do it), I've had phone calls asking for me from places I've applied to and then been hung up after I've responded, I've been told I've got a job with them only to be blocked from calling them back. Something can't be right here.

    The only thing I can think of for some of the encounters is that I'm Trans (Which the blocked from calling back one was the reason, I was recommended to the manager by a friend who worked there, turned out the owner is transphobic). But that doesn't explain the online applications....
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    (Original post by Sonitia)
    Whatever you think or your friends/family have told you it IS your CV and application form that are the problem - that's all employers have to go on, until they invite you to interview.

    You need to prepare either/both documents from the perspective of the employer, don't just produce a certificate style document that describes your general life to date, or the points you are most proud of. You have to focus entirely on giving evidence of having relevant skills for the job.

    In general, if you have little work experience, then applying through the larger agencies just puts you in a massive pool of candidates where it is much harder to rise to the top. The less experience you have, and the more generic the role you are applying for (ie the more 'anyone' can do it) then the more you ought to specialise in your approach, ie look for smaller companies and make direct applications. In other words, if you think you have a weak CV, then apply to jobs where there are only 20 people likely to find that advert, not 200!

    id be happy to look your cv over if you want?

    try more volunteering, depending on what youre trying to get into charity shops will always hire on no experience (voluntary work), stay there for 3-4 months and then start applying to places again once theyve trained you on till work, stock room work, customer services etc.
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