URGENT: Need help with Political Economy, Political Science, IR and Political Theory

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Hey, I've been give the question 'What is Political Economy? Does it differ from other sub-fields of Political Science?' and need some help with the question, some examples would be great too.

With Political Economy, would it be fair to define it as, in the modern context, 'the application of economic methods, most notably rational choice theory, to non-economic problems such as politics'. - I appreciate this may be a crude understanding of Political Economy, my knowledge on the subject is somewhat limited.
Also, how does Political Economy differ from other subfields of Political Science? - In regards to IR, Political Theory and Political Science etc? With Political Science, I understand its concerned mostly about the state level and below using scientific methods and IR is focused mainly on power relations beyond national borders, they also draw on more empirical evidence as well as history.

Is there any point in which Political Economy overlaps with IR, Political Science and Political Theory?

Any help would be really appreciated!!

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