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Cambridge Chat (previously New Cambridge Students Entry 2004)

Ah, I haven't really bothered to look at the rest of it. found it when trying to help some guy on H & R
Likewise :biggrin:


Finals AND May Balls! And my birthday! :biggrin:
As I said it's a spoof, read the entire website, they're are adverts which would be considered blasphemous by this group if they were real, it's still quite funny, though, it is slightly excessive anti-Christian in some parts. It's mainly just poking fun at some Christian groups' hypocrisy.

I posted before I read the entire article.. well, it's funny.
One Tree Hill... eeemmmmmm dear I forgot to go to bed because of that... Now I must go to lectures in about 2 hours with 0 hours of sleep from ... this morning? Last night?

I need help :frown:.
I'm not sure going to lectures half emotionally charged and having not slept is a good idea... Why the heck am I doing this to myself :s:.
camfo, i am banning you from getting stuff off my computer.
camfo, i am banning you from getting stuff off my computer.

Dude! How could you do this to me when the 12th episode of house has just been aired?!:bawling:

I'm probably going to bed about 2pm today...

In other news... it is one hell of a glorious morning in Cambridge today!:biggrin:
I wouldn't know, i spent it in bed... :smile:

Reading for a couple of hours- far more comfy that the library...

Oh, and by the way, Visesh, did you manage to get all the confetti off the floor? :smile:
The bluebells are just starting to come through down King's avenue bit... Glorious!
*gets camera and goes to take photo to please grandparents...*

Had horrible and very important presentation on monday, and coursework set yesterday for today.

Have just handed it in. No lectures tomorrow, then going to italy on friday!!

*feeling very jealous*

My weekend will be made up of sitting in front of my laptop for at least 12 hours every day...
I'll have to get up at 4am to get the plane tho... :frown:
you young people and your bloody half terms...
Are you jealous? :biggrin:

A reading week would be quite nice, just so I can catch up...
well the 8 week term isn't really all that, to be honest. It ends up feeling more like a race than anything.
I can't believe that it's week five already. I can't really think of anything that I've done this term, and I don't think I've made any progress work-wise.

Hopefully the five formals I've already signed up to should improve the matters of entertainment, though I doubt they'll improve my philosophy.

Or my liver.
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it being the 5th week only reminds me that the boat race is too bloody close!
my group project is going to suck... suck suck suck...
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my group project is going to suck... suck suck suck...

if all else fails, lower your standards.....

perhaps you're trying too hard?