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Cambridge Chat (previously New Cambridge Students Entry 2004)

Immortal Wombat

LOL made me chuckle:biggrin:.
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They'll do **** all. There was a first year compsci at clare killed about 4/5 years ago crossing queens road between old court and mem court and it took them three years to put a crossing in there even though hundreds of people must use it every day. I think they made the college contribute towards it too which seemed off, but that's why there's two crossings within 50yds of each other on Queens road.


i realise that. but you should know by now that i write letters to complain when im irritated by life in general.
helenia quite a couple of times around - which btw - what's your excuse for turning up to lectures so early? (i come straight from the boathouse... and we go out before 7am!)

Well sometimes it's because I've been at the boathouse too (and if I'm looking pissed off, it's because like the last two times I haven't actually been able to go out and so have missed out on valuable sleep for nothing :mad: )

MNS - I'll look out for you. I don't think dancing is required :tongue:

The rest of the time it's because I always leave with a couple of girls who are the slowest cyclists in the world, then get bored and shoot off ahead. Plus if I leave a few minutes early it means I don't have to compete quite so much with 1000000 people from Girton, Fitz, New Hall etc across Magdalene bridge.

I went to see Bridget Jones last night, was quite good but very silly. People started clapping at the end :rolleyes: They can't hear you! :tongue:
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its only an extension of arguing with the people on the telly... or am i the only person who does that :frown:
bridget jones 2 is GREAT :smile:
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you're first guy i've met to think of bridget jones so highly!

I've kind of watched the first one (i've watched about 40 minutes worth) and of what I saw, it was ok....a little amusing....but nothing brilliant! I just dont understand what is so great about it!?

And hey...people can clap at the end of films....i'm sure people would have clapped at the end of LOTR ROTK if it hadnt been so bloody drawn out that all you wanted to do by the end was get out of there!
Haven't even watching the first one; therefore have absolutly no intension of watching the sequel.
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blurgh......why does it have to be raining rowing this afternoon....GRRR can we install umbrella's on the boats me wonders?
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Holyyy cow, that's really quite distressing. I must make that crossing that like 10+ times a day. I can't believe there wasn't one there. But yeah, I'm gonna be alot more careful around there now I've heard that, I've already had a couple of near misses.

Yeah, be careful of trying to cross on amber, I had a near miss once on that the car was going far too fast to stop in time for the crossing.

Ticker is coming, keep busy...
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ooo can you tell Ticker A that I cant make my time and that i'm really sorry, but if I could once again see her next week that would be great...see what she says!
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asked her yet? what did she say?
Oi, you should ask the lady herself that question. She deserves that.
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Oh Helen, how many people have you said should come on monday......i'm doing well so far, I've got 7 booked in (including myself)....and i'll definitely find you another one to make it up to a nice whole crews worth! Do you want to try and take it up to 10 though?
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Oi, you should ask the lady herself that question. She deserves that.

i cant.....i have to be somewhere in 10 mins time
Alright. I'll pass a note onto her whenever possible. when is your time again?
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3:37.....which is the last one i believe! Tell her I'm really sorry and that if it's ok i will turn up next week at about the same time to sneak in....Tick 5 is nice and short

Oh and well done everyone....this post means our post count equals the harry potter thread...HURRAY!
Shamlessly Spamming means this is the post that takes us ahead of Harry Porter, for now anyway.
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what's the count of the moaning thread....we gotta know our next target :tongue: