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Int by parts. That trick works well on these bitches.
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yes i do but i get a 0.5 which the answers says isnt ther!
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those fail to help
I know that. But it's google Scholar Beta.... :biggrin:
I'm having a food crisis! I'm hungry and don't have anything other than pasta which I have eaten for the past few days (rowing :rolleyes: ) and supernoodles, rice, tuna, tomato sauce and other useless stuff like herbs and salt. I've run out of porridge and only have some green bananas! I really should have gone shopping today instead of writing my essays!
Where can I get food this time of night on a Sunday??
May I suggest Gardie's to you?
ok so lets try again, see if the answer suddenly comes to me...someone answer it non the less

integrate cosh-1 x........i get a 0.5 appearing, someone help!

if it's not in the answer it's probably been absorbed into the constant. but i'm not 100% as to where you're saying it's appearing
May I suggest Gardie's to you?

Ergh, I can't stomach that now! I would go out for a meal but too much work to do, might have to cycle down to the co-op, I'm very hungry!!
I have enough chocolate to feed a small nation in my room. Fancy some?
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eat the supernoodles tonight, have rice and tina salad with tomato sauce tomorro for lunc / dinner, try and go shopin tomorrow.
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i gave up on that question, i'm now on trying to express tanh-1 as a logarithm! any help?
i gave up on that question, i'm now on trying to express tanh-1 as a logarithm! any help?

what's tanhx in exponential? (e^x-e^-x)/(e^x+e^-x) = tanhx. solve for x as if you are dealing with an quadratic eqtn in e^x.
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how can you multiply something like that into a quadratic exactly...i'm being v slow tonight
let that thingumy = y. multiply top and bottom by e^x. and solve for e^2x.
I'm procrastinating... I don't want to do read my physics lab handbook. Will, we get to play that thingumy tomorrow, don't we? Last practical of this term. Yipee!! But I am slightly depressed with the thoughts of going home... without anyone to talk to... without internet...
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but then you have (e^2y - 1)/(e^2y+1)....where do you go from there to get a nice quadratic of e^x?
where's the y from?

(e^x - e^-x)/(e^x + e^-x) = y
(e^2x - 1)/(e^2x+1)=y
e^2x - 1=ye^2x +y
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blah i dont care any more

and i dont get the physics of the gyroscope either....the explanation in the manual is baffling...where it says that a rotation about the OP axis causes angular momentum change about the OY axis...that doesnt make sense at all!