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    Hello, I would like an A grade in the English exam I'm doing on Friday however I don't feel ready...
    1. how do you set out the essay to get an A grade
    2. any memorizing quotes tips??
    3. Have you got any key quotes which can be used for a lot of themes??
    4. post 2000 poetry anthology- how do I set out that essay too??
    5. ALSO are there any question predictions?? or anything I should focus on in particular??
    Thanks !!
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    (Original post by haszerdo)
    Well I started off this year getting D's and now I have consistently got 6 A's in a row. The way I set it out is as follows:

    Introduction- Here, I normally start off by either agreeing with what the question is saying (As the questions always have a quote and then a how far do you agree, or discuss, etc) or disagreeing with the question. I really don't use quotes here, just back up my view and write about what I will discuss through my essay.

    I make my points here; one in each paragraph. I normally write 5-6 paragraphs. Make your points, back them up with a quote or two, pick up any language devices used in the quote and peel them so I write what the word means at surface level, but then go beyond that surface level. For example, when talking about the Old South and the New America, we see at one point that Stella has a 'stain' on her 'pretty, white, lace collar.' At surface level it's just a stain, but when you go deeper, it could show how Stanley's American ways have 'stain[ed]' Stella's Southern ways. Things like that. I also write about some context points that go with what I'm saying. Some context points can include: Southern Belles were expected to be genteel and gracious and to behave well (which obviously, Blanche is not) Traditional values and chivalry towards women were highly valued (hence why Blanche always expects the men to stand up when she enters the room) The play is set in the 1940s, just after WW2. The national spotlight focused on the middle and working classes as th tue bearers of the heroic American spirit (hence why Stanley is always trying to assert his masculinity as well as the fact that he would have had to do the same in the war) etc etc. I then do that to a couple points and conclude everything I've written.

    I've found that the rape scene as well as scene 11 are in so much questions. You can change them around to fit just about any question and I recommend you to always talk about them because I honestly don't think there is a single question where you can't add those scenes.

    Don't forget dramatic devices! I lot of people underestimate them, but they can be so helpful. Things like the versouviana, the cothes (eg Blanche's white clothes compared to Stanley's denim), the paper lantern, the blue piano, the polka music, etc.

    Also, I want to stress the importance of the epigraph of 'The Broken Tower' by Hart Crane at the beginning of the poem.The world is 'broken' and love is merely a vision. love is fleeting 'an instant in the wind' and survives 'not for long' to be replaced by decay and death. Include that, obviously if it will link in to the question on the paper on Friday.

    I want to recommend a method I started doing to get my A's and make my essays a whole lot better. I call it the VFOOIC.

    V - Vomit it. Write every relevant point possible for the question. Everything you can think of. Just vomint it out. (I know, gross, but it works!)

    F- Funnel it. Now bring that vomit into a funnel. Take out only the things you want to write about. Only a few points, not a lot.

    O- Order it. Order your funnel on what you'll write about 1st, 2nd, etc.I- Introduction. Write an introduction based on your funnel. Basically what you'll talk about.

    C- conclude all your points. I literally just write everything I've written in one or two words and answer the question. Be clever. Maybe use something Williams said to back it up?

    I don't know what questions may come up as my teacher, since it's a new spec, just most of the time makes up her own questions and we answer those.PS: Sorry if this is long, but I hope it helps in a way. Good luck to the both of us!

    Thanks so much! Hope your exam went well <3
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Updated: May 21, 2016
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