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I have a place at Bristol to study maths in october. But recently I have been thinking....why?? the gay arse school that i go to just *assumes* that eveyrone will go to uni and be all academic, i didnt even get the chance to think if i actually wanted to go. i would be the first person in my family to go to uni, so they arent exactly supportive of me not going. i did like no work for my exams and everyone was expecting so much from me, i dont kno what to do and i feel like there is noone that i can talk to. im so used to bottling my feelnigs up. i feel so depressed, i should be happy that i ahve a 3 month break, i feel trapped and i cant get my head round the way im feeling at the moment.
sorry for ranting ........
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Hi, sorry that you're feeling depressed. There's a careers advisor here who you can email and they will give you advice about your various options.

You have to ask yourself if you actually want to do this degree or not. Most people feel a bit unsure of how well they did in their exams ( I know I am!), so at least wait until results day until you make any major decisions. Bristol is an excellent university and doing a degere in maths is going to put you in good stead for most careers - just make sure you're going because you want to and not for anyone else.
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