Which mobile network do you reccomend?

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i think you'll find most people are just telling you what their mobile network is in the poll, as opposed to telling you what the best one is. then again it does depend what the "best" actually means. so whatever, if you do go for virgin mobile though (like moi) dont expect to be GPRS'ing away just yet. and as a consequence of that, no MMS, so if you've got a nice camera phone and like sending pictures, you're gonna be in for a long wait. it will be implemented soon apparently, haven't heard much though. knowing virgin it shouldn't be something majorly expensive either.
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(Original post by vinz)
then again it does depend what the "best" actually means.
well something cheap to fit the requirements of his first post would be an idea
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Verizon Wireless any day
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Well my sugegstion of O2 is based on experience of: One to No one (now T mobile), Orange and vodafone.

If I were to take a step into the unknown, I would suggest BT, who are dipping into the mobile scene again.

You can get a SonyEricsson T630 (camera phone - v nice) for £9.99 for 6 months, then goes up to £22.50). the same package through Dial a phone is 9.99 for 12 months!

you get 50 anytime minutes and can buy text message bolt-ons relatively cheaply.

O2 at the mo have some good deals for pay as you go and monthly contracts...

You can have up to 500 free minutes or 800 free messages when you add one of our Pay & Go Bolt Ons.

If you're an existing Pay & Go customer or when you connect a Pay&Go handset and add a Bolt On between 1 July 2004 and 30 September 2004, we'll give you double minutes or messages for two months.

How does it work?
If you're an O2 Pay & Go customer and you add one of our Bolt Ons we'll give you double your talktime or messaging, on whichever Bolt On you choose. Add one of the Bolt Ons from the range below and we'll double your talktime or messaging allowance in month 1 and 2.

You can choose from the following Bolt Ons:
• Txt 50• Txt 100• Txt 200• Txt 400• Calls & Text Bolt On• O2 Home 100• O2 Home 250• Media Messaging Bolt On
You can add one of each type of Bolt On, for instance you could choose Txt 100, O2 Home 100 and the Media Messaging Bolt On and you'll get double allowance on each of these Bolt Ons.

How do you get it?
You can benefit from this promotion if you're an existing Pay & Go customer or when you buy a Pay & Go mobile or SIM only. You'll need to add the Bolt On of your choice between 1 July 2004 and 30 September 2004 to get your double allowance.

You can choose one of three ways to add your Bolt Ons:
• Send a text with the relevant key word (e.g. TXT50) to 21300• Call 2425 FREE from your Pay & Go mobile and follow the voice prompts• Go online at www.o2.co.uk/boltons
Click here for full terms and conditions

Monthly contract

Personally I use online 50, and if gives me all I need. For £22.50 you get:
Inclusive Call minutes: 50 any
network Free Messages: 500 text
Inclusive WAP minutes: 500
Inclusive GPRS Mb: 0.50 Mb
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