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Atomic Model Of The Solar System Theory watch


    (Original post by RussianDude)

    The total mass of our solar system is the product of the atomic mass of the fluorine atom and a constant. Where the mass of the sun is the product of the mass of the fluorine nucleus and the constant. Hence, the total mass of the planets orbiting the sun is the product of the total mass of the electrons around the fluorine nucleus and the constant.
    from your theory:
    k = 6.316x10^55

    mass of electrons in fluorine atom = 6.377x10^-30 kg = M

    therefore, mass of planets etc in solar system should = M*k

    However, mass of Jupiter = 19x10^26kg
    therefore mass of planets etc >> M*k

    therefore, in conclusion, you've applied this theory to 1 solar system and it doesn't work for that one solar system. The chances of it working for all other solar systems must be taken to be vanishingly small.

    In fact lets take another system:
    The star HIP 75458 (an unremarkable sun-like star about 100 light years away) has a mass of 1.05 solar masses. It has a planet of mass at least 8.64x Jupiter mass orbiting it with a period of 550 days. It may well have other planets, as yet undiscovered.

    Mass of HIP75458a (star) = 2.089x10^30kg
    mass of HIP75458b (planet)>= 1.64x10^28kg = 0.78% mass of the star.

    There is no atom where the mass of the electrons is anywhere near as big as 0.78% the mass of the nucleus.
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    sorry, there are actually 2 constants, my bad.
    I will rewrite the theory, Cos i noticed that i didnt include some important bits.
    Thanks a lot for spending your time reading this, its very appreciated

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