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Poll: Would you buy any of the 2 items? What is a reasonable price in your opinion?
Yes, I would buy either of these. Reasonable price would be 7+pounds for shot glass and 13+ pounds for margarita glass. (0)
Yes, I would buy either of these. Reasonable price would be 6-7 pounds for shot glass and 10-13 pounds for margarita glass. (3)
Yes, I would buy either of these. Reasonable price would be 4-6 pounds for shot glass and 7-10 pounds for margarita glass. (1)
No, I would not buy any of these (you can still suggest the price for both of these items). (0)
Suggest another price range (please reply to this thread). (0)
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Hi everyone,

I am looking into potentially starting a business in the UK and have a range of items I would be selling - this includes tableware (dining plates, serving plates, dishes and other related items) as well as glassware (glasses, shot glasses, cocktail glasses, etc).

All these products are handmade in Mexico and therefore each of them is unique.

I could not find anything similar in the UK (except just one shop which sells a couple of similar products which in my opinion are inferior to mine and quite highly priced).

I would greatly appreciate if you left your opinions in this thread, as it would allow me to see if there could possibly be demand for these items.

Please let me know what you think of the 2 items below - handmade shot glasses with pepper, cactus and other Mexico-themed objects inside (first 4 pictures), as well as handmade, hand-painted margarita glasses (picture 5 - currently don't have the item to hand, hence not the best picture).

Would you buy them? Do you think someone who is looking for shot glasses or margarita glasses would find these an attractive buy? Lastly, which price range do you think is the most suitable for each of these items? I would also look into selling sets of glasses which would offer a reduced price as compared to buying them individually.

The glasses look nicer in person - photos do not do them justice.

Thanks again for your time - its greatly appreciated!

PS. I am also including examples of alternative items, which are available on the market - these will hopefully help you decide how you feel about the items I offer (in terms of pricing and design). You can obviously find very cheap sets of shot glasses for 5 pounds, which include around 12 glasses, but I am hoping my products will appeal to people, who prefer quality over quantity as well as unique style and don't mind paying a tiny bit more for a nicer product.

Just few examples of products on the market currently:

1. http://www.johnlewis.com/sparq-soaps...-of-4/p2017359
4 soapstone shot glasses - £22.50 + £3.50 delivery - £26 (£6.5 per glass)
The above ones are quite nice.

2. http://www.johnlewis.com/lsa-interna...6?colour=Clear
6 simple branded glasses for £32 + £3.5 delivery (this does include the wooden board) - £5.9 per glass (roughly)

3. http://www.johnlewis.com/lsa-interna...f-4/p230575938
Set of 4 simple glasses - £30 + £3.5 delivery (£8.4 per item)

Margarita glasses:

1. http://www.johnlewis.com/john-lewis-...-of-4/p1451258
4 for £18 + £3.5 delivery - £5.4 per glass

2. http://www.johnlewis.com/lsa-interna...f-2/p231568183
2 for £30 + £3.5 delivery - £16.75 per glass
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Hi guys,

Thank you to everyone, who left their vote so far! I can see there were around 80 views of the thread already, but only 2 people actually voted. If you are having a read of this thread, please express your opinion by leaving a vote - it only takes a second and your thoughts are really important to me!

Thank you!

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