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Chemistry AQA GCSE C1H - Questions you got wrong! Post and Reply! Watch

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    So, the game is to post the questions you KNOW you got wrong and see if you could still savor just 1 mark at least from these questions.

    So...From the beginning: (My wrong answers)

    * Neon atom I believe I may have put something wrong for such a simple question. I'm not 100% sure because I can't actually remember, but considering it was a 3 MARK question, I hope I have put something work at least 1 mark.

    * The big 6 Marker. This was a strange one really... Not sure what it was they really wanted students to put. Most of the stuff you could say was given directly to you in the table given. I think at least 3 or 4 marks, for this due to memory loss of my full answer, so not comfortable thinking i got 6/6.

    * The one asking about how to make it a better test or something. Most people but digi thermo's. I put increase flame size for surface area. Plausible but IMO probably not worth a bolt. Worth 2 Marks this question.

    * The one asking about the black substance on the bottom of the beaker? Yep. I put carbon + something else as well....... like some dunce ....another 2 marks.

    * Conditions for cracking seem to be varied. Heat and the presence of a catalyst I THINK is what I put. may have lost another 2 mks.

    * Why is steel added to the furnace (or something) .... BOTTLED IT. Put something completely different to what the answer was looking for. A very silly mistake from myself. 2 marks lost.

    * Hydrogenation - last question. Went into emulsifiers. Bottled it. Might be generous and give me a mark in there for something... but overall.. I doubt it. 4/5 mks.

    I am thinking given that these are just the ones I can remember, and using others' answers to deduce my the validity of my own, I'd say I've contributed to the Nationwide Mean of dropping that "monumental" Grade boundary everyone seems to be hyping and over-exaggerating.

    To be realistic here, The last years A* needed 50/60. That's basically 1 or 2 questions wrong. That paper was probably about as easy as this one. Had a nicer set of questions which ultilized revision. Whereas in this test. most of it was big 4-6 mark questions.

    Grade Boundary Predictions are then as follows: (given that I'm not taking into account a bias on here; People who come on here are usually people who get the good grades because coming on here means you are taking things serious. Therefore the average test score on here WILL NOT reflect a nationwide result!)

    A* - 49
    A - 40
    B - 31
    C - 23
    D - 15
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