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    Firstly, Steinbeck presents Slim by describing his physical appearance. For example, it is stated ‘while he combed his long, black, damp hair straight back’. As Slim was combing his hair back, this suggests that Slim was very clean and dandy man to readers. The phrase of action ‘straight back’ gives the readers more dandy and clean image of Slim to readers as the long and scruffy hair usually become clean and set when people jell it back. As Steinbeck shows that Slims is a clean man, this also tells readers that Slims is different with other workers in the ranch as usually the ranch workers don’t care much about their appearance. This makes readers accept Slim as a different, superior character than other ranch workers who much take care of their appearances.
    Another way that Steinbeck uses is exaggeration. For example, it is stated ‘capable of killing a fly on the wheeler’s butt with a bull whip’ and ‘gravity in his manner’. As Steinbeck exaggerates that Slim can kill a fly on the butt with a whip, he successfully enforces readers the idea that Slim is a very good worker as ‘killing a fly’ with a ‘bull whip’ is an impossible action as fly is very small. Again, Steinbeck exaggerates Slim’s manner by saying there is ‘gravity’ in his manner, this suggests readers than Slim has a very good manner as ‘gravity’ usually attracts people in. This makes readers see Slim as superior to other people, the man who is more skilful and more gentle than others.
    Steinbeck also presents Slim by describing his skill. For example, it is stated ‘a jerkline skinner, the prince of the ranch, capable of driving ten, sixteen, even twenty mules with a single line to the leaders’. The phrase ‘capable of driving ten, sixteen, even twenty mules with a single line to the leaders’ directly tells readers that Slim is very skilful man as controlling twenty mules in a single line is very hard job to do. This was done by Steinbeck so he can appeal readers that Slim is different to other characters. This idea is reinforced to readers as Steinbeck metaphorically describes Slim as the ‘prince of the ranch’. As a prince has higher status than normal people, this tells readers that Slim is superior to other ranch workers. As a result of these, readers would accept Slim as superior character to other ranch workers as the positive aspects of Slim that raise Slim’s status are only shown to readers by Steinbeck.
    Steinbeck also presents Slim by describing other people’s responses to Slim’s actions or words. For example, it is stated ‘His authority was so great that his word was taken on any subject, be it politics or love.’ This tells that other people respected Slim as it directly says ‘his authority was so great’ which means he had very strong influence to other people, had power. Also, as Steinbeck says ‘his word’ was taken on any subject by other people, this tells that Slim was greatly respected by other people and was trusted by others to readers as people usually take someone’s word if that person is very trustworthy or an expert. The phrase ‘politics or love’ shows readers Slim’s influence to other workers again as it shows that people trusted Slim’s words in every criteria, even in love and politics where opinions are often divided. This makes readers accept Slim as an influential man who gets respected by other workers which makes them see Slim superior man to other workers as a result.

    No idea what board you're on. No idea how many marks the question is awarded. I can say this though, you need to use more language terminology and analyse the quotes a bit more in depth. Again I'm not sure what your board asks for, if it's heavily based on language analysis, you're a bit on the weak side in terms of jargon usage. Also I'm seeing way too much "slim this and slim that reader this and reader that" try to refine that a little more. You're repeating the same point quite a bit about Slim's cleanliness too, maybe add some more points. It'd be useful to know what the question is, marks and board.

    I agree with the above, you have good ideas, maybe you can talk about how Slim is described to be the Prince of the ranch, meaning he's perfectly fine about his position at the ranch. This is significant since it was set during the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl etc etc, so he cares about his appearance because he knows he's going to stay at the ranch unlike other itinerant worker - as other workers tend to keep their belongings all together so it's easier for them to migrate to a new job. Try to go into a bit more detail and bring in ambiguity for one quote for higher marks

    solid D

    D or E

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