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    Leaves that indulge in the whispers of the wind, flights of swallows harmonising their swift descent, arbitrary clouds drifting through a sea of tranquility; this is how pensive beings, such as myself, define summer. The divine, aromatic scent of each and every cup of coffee left an unfulfilled desire clawing at my conscience. My curiosity grazed upon the introspection of the other customers, staring into their drinks. This superficial reflection feigned ignorance of the fact that they lacked the conviction and motivation to overcome the harsh realities of the corporate world. A timid voice mindfully requested my attention,
    [New Line]“Uh, sorry… Here’s your coffee.”
    [New Line]The waitress handed over my drink, which I warmly accepted. She paused for a second or two to glance at the products of my impatience, scattered across the table, took a step back and returned to her duties. Taking a cautious sip from my mug, I heard a faint noise from the recesses of my cynical mind. After the third repetition of this unnatural sensation, it started to become perceptible,
    [New Line]“t…t…ti…to…ti…to…. ”
    [New Line]Undoubtedly a clock. The resonance became so prevalent in my head it was as if it was a tangible entity, worthy of my wrath. I wearily lifted my gaze to the rest of the room; it seemed quiet. The motionless customers had lost their vitality, almost as though their existence had sought asylum elsewhere, as if to avoid some imminence. My surroundings lacked vibrancy. The dull, monochromatic sight confused me.
    [New Line]“tick…tock…tick…tock… €
    [New Line]Somewhere, between sipping from my coffee and now, my eyes had forcibly been laid to rest. Among my thoughts, the only resounding presence was that of time. Even now, all I can think of is time, tick… tock… Time… tick… tock… tick… tock…
    [New Paragraph]I abruptly regained my sense of self from a rejuvenating breath of air, fresh from my surroundings. The crisp and gentle stream caressed the walls of my throat as I pondered how summer air could be so pure? A gentle light roused my slumber as I, once more, opened my eyes. The café, once enveloped in aridity was now shrouded in an overwhelming sense of ominous presence. How long was I asleep for? Is the shop still open? A barrage of questions ignited a drive to look past the confines of the shop. Snow? How long have I been sleeping for? No. I was naïve to assume that this place had not changed. One thing had definitely changed: There was no longer a persistent ticking inside my head. Looking around further, I was drawn back to myself, a light. Clinging to my wrist was an unfamiliar watch. The display, about the size of a coin, bore a series of glowing, red numbers atop a pure, black background. The display read ‘239.58.52’… ‘239.58.51’. It appeared to be counting down. Be it by instinct or of conscious reasoning, I thought it best to refine my actions; with that I stood up and walked to the door. The doorknob had a thin coating of ice and a cold bite. Twisting it, I pulled yet nothing gave. I tried again, with a greater force, and it submitted. I stepped into the unparalleled embrace of the cold street before me. The snow seemed to have stability, despite there not being snowflakes actively descending from above. With each step I took, I felt as though I was treading deeper into unwelcomed territory. I could feel intense stares from the void of emptiness, currently housing my being. I glanced down at my watch once more ‘239.57.04’… From the stagnant, yet eerily pure air surrounding me, the ominous wind carried a whisper,“Let the hunt begin…”
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    The irony of vacant introductions...
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