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so I did this past paper for my exam for lit on monday on om&m and Ii was wondering could anyone please tell me what grade this is at.
The question is "how does Steinbeck show that some people on the ranch are
considered more important than others? How does this reflect the society in which the novel is set?"
In the novella Of Mice And Men, steinbeck shows that some of the people on the ranch are considered more important than others. Firstly steinbeck is able to do this through the names of the characters who live on the ranch, such as referring to them by simply `curleys wife`. This shows that not only is curleys wife a possession to curley himself, already suggesting that in 1930s america men had possession of women, be the `the` is dehumanizing for curleys wife as she is referred to like an object rather than a woman. This is mainly because in 1930s america, women had a particularly minute role in society due to them being seen as weak and feminine, which steinbeck presents throughout calling curleys wife `curleys wife.
Steinbeck also shows the importance of some people on the ranch throughout hierarchy. For example in the ranch the boss is the leader and is at the top of the hierarchy chain, and crooks and candy are at the bottom of the hierarchy chain with little authority. I believe Steinbeck shows this point to reflect on how those that were disabled or were a different skin colour were discriminated against, because in 1930s america people like candy or crooks would have had next to no authority in the country as they weren't like slim or curley. Hierarchy considers who is the most important and who is the least because of how much authority they are given and their job status`s.
Steinbeck further shows how characters are important than others due to hoe they are described by others and their overall description by steinbeck himself. For example, slim the jerkline skinner had almost never been spoken bad about by any of the other characters on the ranch, and has a higher authority than the boss because of his description. "His authority was so great that his word was taken on any subject", suggests how Steinbeck presents slim to be important because of how characters would believe anything which he would say, compared the the boss who had a much more standard description. For example "short, fat legged man" is used to describe the boss, which could suggest that slim has the better authority because in 1930s america those who were most admired weren't usually that high up in society, as we see in the book.
--- many thanks for reading

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