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    i have a friend and he basically wants to commit suicide, he told me last night he was going to do it, but i stopped him and he wants to do it tonight
    i met up with him today and he is truly upset and affected by the bullying that has occurred for the past six years. i dont know his family but he told me he gets abused aswell. I really want to go into his house and tell his mum about the situation but he told me not to.. Im also doing my GCSES right now and im scared this will affect my performance (he's in year 10 btw)
    On monday im going to tell school about it but i cant wait until monday, he might not last until then.. i need a solution right now...
    anybody know what to do if theyre in my situation?

    You have to stop him from doing it. He is a danger to himself and to others. The best way to prevent a suicide... is to remind him how much you mean to him as a friend. His parents surely don't want to lose him too, and they'll be sure to remind him of the memories they have with him.
    It can break anyone's heart and cause a lot of guilt and shame when a close one departs in any way...

    My best mate at school was suicidal and self harming. All you can do is distract them and make them feel worthy of living.
    Try and get them to sleep over at your house tonight so you can keep an eye on them.
    I am not so sure telling the school is a good idea because they might quit if it is exposed. Speak to authorities that will take action to investigate the abuse at home.
    Your studies won't be affected if you feel in control of your own mental health so don't feel guilty if you need to take time to relax.
    Your friend will be okay. The fact they are telling you is a call for help rather than a direct warning.

    When I spoke up to my friendship group about my problems and how I was going through treatment, they all quickly turned their backs on me and excluded me from any group activities. Tbh I felt even more abnormal than I already did- I was simply telling them whats been going on in response to them usually saying "You okay???" or "Why are you wearing long-sleeves and leggings when its soOOooo hot out?" but when I said everything was being handled I realized I've wasted my school years with a bunch of snakes.

    The best thing you can do for them is be there when they need someone. I'm never too happy when people know my business, but I thought I'd tell my close friends as they seemed worried at first. If they look down/sad/angry/shaking/lost or anything which triggers alarm bells just stand with them and tell them a funny story. No use saying "whats up??" because for me to say "ah just tired" emphasizes how much a taboo mental health is where I come from.

    Even online- just send them funny memes/videos from time to time and ask for their input. Don't change your life around them but never forget their presence or what they're going through. It'll mean a lot to them
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