An alternative argument for Brexit?

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Hello all! I'm a long time lurker here and have decided to finally post.

Up until now I've been undecided but heading towards pro-Remain for the upcoming referendum. But, today I came across an interesting Brexit argument on the Vote Leave Facebook page. I'll quote it here.

"The more pressing argument for leaving the EU is the rise of the far right in Europe. I don't want to be part of a bloc where the likes of Golden Dawn, Front National, NDP and Jobbik have a say in European affairs and, as a result, a say in British affairs. We fought a war to defeat the Neo-Nazis but, as a result of the EU's failings we've seen a worrying trend of the Neo Nazi and far right growing in support and influence in countries such as Greece, Hungary, Poland, Germany and France.

Distance ourselves from the EU and it's worrying rise of far right by voting Leave."

Now, as an Asian living in the UK, this argument does make perfect sense for me. There IS a horrible trend of far-right growth on the continent. There is the worrying fact that a number of far-right and Neo-Nazi groups do hold European Parliament Seats and there is no sign that that's going to be changing anytime soon.
I can't stand Nazis, or the far-right and it amazed me after doing a bit of research on this that an alliance of Neo-Nazi and far-right groups have actually received EU funding!

This is an argument which is making me close to pushing towards Brexit. I don't think the rise of these groups is going to stop anytime soon. Instead they're going to continue to grow and gain influence and it IS worrying that at some point, these Neo-Nazi and far-right groups may hold enough influence and power within the European Parliament to influence the UK and it's laws.

I guess it can be argued that by remaining in the EU we can try to halt the Neo-Nazi groups but can we? Is it really worth the risk of those groups being able to influence us? Likewise, would remaining in the EU lead to a growth in the far-right here? So far they are pretty much a minority. Britain First are nobodies. The BNP are dead. The closest we've got are UKIP who, although right-wing, I would say aren't anywhere near as bad as Golden Dawn and the French National Front.

What are other people's views on this? Because for me, this is a solid argument for Brexit.

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