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    There are a few questions which i don't understand from the model papers

    Model Paper 1 Multiple Choice Q5

    The acceleration at the surface of the earth is taken as 9.8ms-2. The acceleration at 4 earth radii from the surface of the earth will be:
    A. 2.5ms-2
    B. 0.39ms-2
    C. 4.9ms-2
    D. 0.61ms-2
    E. 0


    Model Paper 2 Multiple Choice Q6

    A spectral line from light from a binary star is observed to have a wavelength of 450nm. The same line on earth has a wavelength of 472nm. At that point, the star is:
    A. Moving away from the earth at 1.5x10^7ms-1
    B. Moving towards earth at 1.5x10^7ms-1
    C. Moving towards earth at 1.5x10^8ms-1
    D. Moving away from earth at 1.5x10^7ms-1
    E. Moving towards earth at 2.1x10^8ms-1


    Model Paper 2 Multiple Choice Q7
    An ambulance emits a note of frequency of 460Hz when stationary. The ambulance travelling at a constant speed of 20ms-1 passes an observer. The frequency heard by the observer as the ambulance approaches is
    A. 424Hz
    B. 452Hz
    C. 489Hz
    D. 470Hz
    E. 434Hz

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