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What grade do you think this would be? English OF MICE & MEN watch

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    QUESTION: IN THIS PASSAGE WHAT METHODS DOES STEINBECK USE TO PRESENT CULREYS WIFE AND THE ATTITUDES OF OTHERS TO HER? REFER CLOSELY TO THE PASSAGE IN YOUR ANSWERIn this passage, Steinbeck uses imagery to present Curley’s wife, by using adjectives. The colour Red has been specifically used in, “Her fingernails were red…red ostrich feathers”. The use of the colour red is significant as it presents the nature of Curley’s wife. Red symbolises a warning colour, presenting to people around her that she is a physical danger; people should stay away from her. Red also symbolises romance and seduction, which causes the workers to have a promiscuous view of Curley’s wife. This is Curley’s first impression of Curley’s wife in the words “What a tramp”. Steinbeck’s aim may have been to present Curley's wife as both promiscuous and dangerous due to her being the only woman on the ranch, making her intensely isolated. Wearing bright bold colours is the Steinbeck’s way of demonstrating how Curley’s wife had deeply wanted to try and become noticed on the ranch which could lead to having, very much wanted companions. This is significant as in the 1930s women were made to be housewives which stayed at home to raise the children, she defies the odds by bringing her out of her housewife, second class status.Steinbeck presents Curley's wife as second class to Curley. This is shown in the quote “I’m looking for Curley”, This indicates to readers how little dominance Curley's wife has over Curley. Both partners constantly search for each other, presenting how distance their relationship is. After the recognition of where Curley was Curley’s wife becomes, “Apprehensive” and “Hurried away”. Steinbeck uses this adjective to show how Curley is the main protagonist in their marriage. He uses a monosyllabic quote “Bye, boys”, which sounds quick and sharp presenting to readers that Curley has the “upper hand”, dominance in their relationship. Men in the 1930s had very large power over their wives ensuring they stayed at home to complete their wifely duties such as cleaning and cooking, regardless if they felt lonely. Women also had to be accompanied out of their houses and couldn’t leave without a male companion, which most often were their husbands or fathers. The fact that Curley’s Wife abruptly leaves after trying to communicate with the men shows how she is doing something she knows she shouldn’t be, being out of the house without Curley's recognition, suggesting to the workers how she is indeed a danger which they need to be cautious around to keep them out of trouble.

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