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    for anyone who's doing this unit with AQA monday after, and need some quotes or teachings, here are mine. share yours too if you want :-) obviously schools only do 4 and the 4 i have might not be the ones you have, so sorry about that. This will also only include Christianity.

    Matters of death:

    ''Honour your mother and father'' - euthanasia is accepted to reduce pain so they can die peacefully with dignity
    ''treat others how you want to be treated'' again, in support of euthanasia
    ''He determine the time set for them...'' Only God can decide when we die
    SANCTITY OF LIFE - life is precious and is valuable even in pain
    ''Our body is temple of holy spirit, we are not our own'' dont destroy what's not yours
    ''Do not kill''
    -Catholics say euthanasia is ''morally a crime'', with consent it's suicide, without it's murder and they stand for neither
    -Catholics believe we will go to purgatory after death, it's a phase where we are cleansed of our sins before entering heaven
    -Church of england say ''death is not a disaster, but a new beginning...they should be able to die in peace''
    -other christians believe we are ressurected like jesus after death, while some others believe there is a judgement day where we are judged by jesus which will determine whether we'd go to hell or heaven


    ''Our body is temple of holy spirit, we are not our own'' same as above
    ''take a little wine to help with your digestion since you are ill'' this is FOR drugs.
    -Jesus drank wine, so alcohol isn't bad
    -The salvation army follow the policy of abstinance (they dont consume drugs) as they are helping drug addicts, as this would otherwise mean they're hypocrites
    ''keep from drinking wine and eating meat or your bro/sis will fall'' keep from things that will make you sin
    ''drinking too much will make you foolish'' drinking a little is acceptable but dont abuse drugs
    -Should christians help drug addicts? yes because of SANCTITY OF LIFE, where all life is important
    ''God made plants and herbs for the use of humans'' this is FOR drugs
    ''everyone must submit himself to the governing authority'' dont break law by taking illegal drugs
    ''God give man free will'' able to do anything
    -Ethiopian coptic church take cannabis for a religious experience

    The poor in Britain:

    ''it is harder for a rich man to go to heaven than a camel through the eye of a needle''
    ''the LOVE of money is the root of all evil '' money itself isnt bad but it's the attitude towards it
    ''love your neighbours as yourself'' you should give money to the poor
    ''if you refuse to work, you will not eat'' this is directed at people who are lazy
    -story of LAZARUS, who's a poor man but go to heaven, the rich man who didnt help lazarus went to hell. this mean that you should help the poor
    -The good samaritan helped a man he didn't know so we should too
    ''God gave man free will'' we can do what we like with our money
    ''Distribute the money among all'' give to the poor
    -Catholics are not against the lottery because some of the money goes towards good causes like education, upkeeping of churches and hospitals.
    -Salvation army collects second hand things to donate to the poor, they are what christians should be
    ''be careful not to do your act of righteousness before men'' donate but only for right intention not for attention
    -monks live a monastic life where they have to vow to poverty, living with little amount of possession
    -Mother Theressa helped poor people all her life
    ''you cannot serve two masters'' you can't worship money and God

    Crime and punishment:

    ''Do not kill'' this does not support death penalty
    SANCTITY OF LIFE, god give life so only god can take it. does not support death penalty
    ''submit yourself to the governing authority'' God put law here, if you break it, you are also committing a sin
    ''an eye for an eye''
    ''if you shed the blood of man, by man shall your blood be shed'' same as above but more of an emphasis on death penalty
    -Catholics say death penalty is accepted ''in case of absolute neccesity''
    -Church of eng say ''there is substantial doubt that death penalty has any significant deterrence effect''
    ''if you have not sinned, you can cast the first stone'' who are we to execute someone when we are not angels ourself?
    ''turn the other cheek'' forgive criminals
    ''if they sin against you, rebuke. if they repent, forgive'' this is punish and then forgive, so it does not support death penalty because how can u forgive if they're dead?
    ''but also because of the conscience'' you should obey not because you're scared of punishment, but for what's right
    -Elizabeth Fry is an example of a christian who help criminals repent. she goes to prisons and stuff like that to preach
    -Peter asked jesus if he should forgive his brother 7 times, jesus said 77 times
    - sheep go to heaven because they visited the prisoners/jesus, goats go to hell because they didnt. this shows that christians should ensure criminals are treated well because jesus was once a prisoner.

    good luck!
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    bumping this thread until tonight and possibly tomorrow :-D
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    bumping again just in case someone needs it
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    Final bump before the exam tomorrow!

    Best of luck, guys.

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    Omg thank you.I needed this
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