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Hey guys,
Seeing as last week's philosophy exam followed the trend of asking the questions on the topics that showed up least throughout the years , i figured ethics would do the same, seeing as it's the last year of this specification. So i went through all the past ethics exam papers and picked out which questions had been asked the most. Here's how it tallys up:
Utilitarianism - 9
Religious ethics - 9
Kantian ethics - 7
Absolutism & relativism - 7
Natural law - 5
Medical ethics - 5*
War & Peace - 2*

I would revise the ones that have come up the least, as they are more likely to come up in next weeks exam.
Also, the last two are interesting because you can get questions that tie two topics together. By this, i mean there will be a question like 'Explain how a follower of ____ would respond to issues surrounding euthanasia', for example. There has been a question on medical ethics on EVERY paper, but usually they are questions like the one above; I would definitely revise medical ethics.
Also, if you want to use the past papers but can't be bothered to fish through OCR's website, I made a chart with all the questions on that Ive attached.

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