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Don't know what to do about this guy watch

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    I've been dating this guy for about a month and a half, we've had about 5/6 dates altogether so far. I get along with him so well, we have a lot in common, I can be myself around him and act all weird which is usually so hard because I'm quite shy and he treats me so so well. He makes me smile and laugh so much as he's very funny and I look forward to spending time and enjoying time with him.

    I'm not sure if I'm entirely physically attracted to him; he's tall and has lovely eyes and a great smile, his facebook photos from a couple of years back he looks really really hot and I can see that every now and again when I look at him but there's a few things that bother me like he wears the same clothes pretty much every time we meet and doesnt make much effort (the clothes thing I just dont think he has many since he's really tall), he's a little chubby and has a 'beer ring' as he calls it - that's purely vain of me I know, I can get over that, I just think if he lost weight basically he'd look so goood and my friend said that he looked in his thirties so now I'm paranoid that he does look pretty old. I feel like he has so much potential but he's not really bothered to make an effort and I just feel like I make quite a bit in comparison. I don't really want to change him because then I just sound horrible.

    The thing is saying that I really do like kissing him and holding his hand, I have admittedly found myself thinking about us making out - and more - on a frequent basis. I miss it when we'd dont talk and I get really nervous when I'm about to meet him so surely I am attracted in some way?The thing is I havent had much experience with guys so I'm not sure I just like kissing for the sake of that its kissing and I have kissed anyone in such a long time so it's exciting? I feel like I could grow attracted to him, I'd wish he'd make more of an effort

    Recently he's kind of mentioned that he's no longer single now and I still don't know where I'm at. He really likes me but I just generally don't know what to think. I also feel like its gone too far now as I have generally acted like I really like him as well and it hasn't been pretend. We have a list of things to do and I generally want to do them with him.

    I just don't know what to do...

    I've been in the same situation... basically I think you just left the honey moon phase... which means your gonna start recognising things you didn't before... now I can't tell you whether to dump him or stay with him... I think you should look at the fact he accepted you the way you are... And maybe your friend was messing about cause I remember telling my best mate her boyfriend looked like a blob fish... And have u considered he might be financially unstable or his family might be... But in the end just make a decision that makes YOU happy

    hope this helps

    Those things can be changed easily. Focus on deal breakers. If there aren't any, then go ahead. You could join a gym with him or whatever. Plenty of ways to exercise as a couple.
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