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    Hi, I have my English literature unit 1 exam tomorrow (AQA). I have revised an inspector calls but I am stuck on how to analyse the text extract given in part a for to kill a mockingbird. I don't know what to write when it says "How does Harper Lee present...... x in the extract"

    I find part b slightly easier but that is also still hard.

    Please could someone advise me on what to do...
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    Bump - any help???

    watch mrbruff on youtube he might have a mockingbird but he does do other extracts

    Hi, I dont do How to Kill a Mockingbird but i do Of Mice and Men
    My English teachers said to always spend the first 5 minutes of the 45 minutes given justanalysing the text. This means picking out tehcniques they use like alliteration, metaphor, emotive language, adjectives, verbs, ANYTHING as long as you can say what that piece of text's effect on the reader is and obvioulsy make sure it helps you answer the question. Try and find ATLEAST 3 points (hopefully 4) in the extract given that you can write about.
    For example, if the question is how does Harper Lee present (character), then for example pick out adjectives used throughout for one point, verbs used for another, the character's speech for another, and the way the character does things for another (so adverbs).

    My advise is to learn different language techniques and their effect so you can apply that to any text you are given BUT MAKE SURE TO ALWAYS ENSURE YOUR POINTS ANSWER THE QUESTION.

    Always, include -
    structure (so try pick out a piece of the extract that you can relate to structure e.g say how it compares to something they did/said before or how it foreshadows what will later happen)
    always name the technique the author is using even if its as simple as a noun or a verb - it shows you know what your talking about
    word analysis - so pick out a single word or two words from the quote chosen and language analyse it in detail
    try to include more than just one quote in a apragraph - keep the quotes short and analyse each one in detail but dont waffle- get your point across. (youget marks for having lots of points made in your answer instead of just one big waffly answer based off one quote)
    you get marked on language, form and structure. I'm notsure if you get marked on context for this one because id ont do it but look at the markscheme and it will tell you what you need to include.

    so basically when your analysing the extract in the 5 minutes, makes sure you pick out techniques used in quotes
    then for each quote you pickout quickly analyse them for effect on reader, relation to context, word analysis and how it answers the question.
    Always link back to the question at the end of each paragraph.
    Oh and remember just a sentence long intro and conclusion looks really good.

    Don't panic when you get the extract - it's going to be daunting and you're going to feel like you know nothing no matter what extract you get.
    But everyone around you will be feeling the same way so just forget about everything else and just get stuck in- keep an eye on the clock and as soon as you have 3 points you know you can talk about start writing- just elaborate on your points and you'll do great.
    Remember they don't tell you to move on to the next question so after 45 minutes remember to start on the next question no matter what

    Really Goodluck everyone lets hope for nice extracts
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