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The first year of Btec is finished and now I can look back and see what i learned, the problem is that i haven't learned anything that i couldn't learn with a month of self study, and that's is quite generous. When my school teachers and a the career lady told us that Btec is the same as A levels just a bit more practical work i thought: Cool, one giant IT class where we'll learn more complex IT skills, I already have my basics down so once I finish this course I will be good to go do whatever. Well it turned out that we learned the basics on Btec, and not even a great volume at that, most of the time was spent figuring out how to make this 250 words into 2500 words with some hardcore fluff.

The formula was 10% doing a task and 90% writing the task up saying what we did, how is this supposed to teach anything don't ask me. The problem for me is that the task wasn't something that I have never done before (eg:gamemaker, spreadsheets, photoshop) so when it came to it not only I had to do something that already know, i had to blabber fluff about what I did for hours to no end. What made me really angry is that in most of these assignments you had to find a problem with what you did and fix it, I want to punch whoever made that criteria, and not because knowing how to fix something is a bad thing, but because the way they went about it.

Either way i'm grinding for the diploma, I'm quite convinced that the next year is going to be the same even if next year's modules look a bit different, i wouldn't mind that much if this whole thing didn't take that much time and strength from me to the point that i have no time to self study, my question is, what do I do?

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