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What's up guys?

Taking up a journalist degree and want some great experience? Have a burning desire to get your voice heard? Do you want to get professional advice and workshops from the biggest publishers in the country like The Times, Independent and many others?

Are you sick and tired of cheesy recruitment posts and think you can do better? (I tried Ok!?)

Join The Tab in Sussex! We are a online paper that have links with 26 of the top universities in the UK as well as many other perks to boot. We average around 60k unique readers a month meaning that your article will get the recognition it deserves.

We are a team of passionate individuals who like to take a step back from SU run publications and want no holds barred about what we want to talk about. Wanna share with the world how everyone should be a feminist? Want to report on news that affects students? Do you want to express your love for boys in shorts? Join our team!

There are many different and great societies here at Sussex that may take your eye, but unfortunately many freshers zone out and drop out. The Tab Sussex is extremely laid back and you write only when you want to.

Our team is extremely diverse with many not even taking media related degrees. We all work very close together to get your work perfect, and if it is especially good, you may have a shot at the national spot where the site brings in 5 MILLION unique readers a month, not bad for a online student paper is it?

To get on board, follow these links and sign up.
Send me a message online on The Tab Sussex page:
To see our website and what we are all about click here:

Any questions, feel free to put them below and I shall get back to you as quick as I can!

Kyle Farrell: Editor of The Tab Sussex

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