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Tyson Fury says ‘Zionist, Jewish people own all the banks, media' watch

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    Jewish groups have called for him to be barred from boxing for speaking the truth.

    Just because he is a successful boxer, his opinion does not necessarily carry clout.

    (Original post by Mathemagicien)
    Precisely. I hate it when people report on celebrities views on issues they have no knowledge of, as if their opinions are worth the paper they are printed on (or in this case, the storage space it is saved/cached on)

    Actors lecturing us about immigration. Boxers about a Zionist plot. May as well write an article about how Bob from down the road thinks the Nazis are controlling us from a moon hideout
    Exactly. I don't see why it's such a big deal if he says these things. I mean, if he was going around with his boxing gloves smashing any Jews he sees I could understand why everyone would be so concerned. But, as it is, he's just saying things, that he apparently thinks, that, no doubt, thousands of other people also say and/or think. The only difference, of course, is he's famous and so, apparently, it's a big deal and he should be sacked.

    If a lawyer, or a grocery shop owner, or a garage mechanic, etc, did the same, no one would care; yet, apparently, boxing is really major and important profession and the people who do it should be judged, criticised and taken seriously for anything they say or think.

    We live in a free country, which means you're allowed to talk ****.

    But it also means that if you talk ****, people call you out for talking ****.

    The problem with some peoples idea of free speech is they should be able to spout off whatever they want but then they get upset when others criticise them for it.

    Don't agree with him per se, but his right to be a nutter guarantees my right to be sane.
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