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    i have tacken 3 exams now and i have literally crumbled and froze in every one and i can't think of anything i have revised for over the last 3 months. Also i have moved from the hall, to a classroom, now to a tiny room with 3 others yet i still panic and have a brain fart. I also hate exams with the pressure of them, and the fact you have a time limit to complete all the questions. Also seeing everyone around you way ahead of what you are at, and then after the exam your answers are completely different to everyone else.

    i am not the thickest person in the world in all my mocks i have gotten b/a's and i feel with me doing the real thing i have done worse. i can't think of myself doing all the revision, all the past papers and the dozens of exams we have to do. 2 years of hard work comes down to me panicking in an 2hr exam. why can't your grade be decided on what you have done over the period of time you have done the course for?. i can't see myself going through the stress of this for the next 2 years at a-levels. it has impacted me and my health i don't feel like i want to do my swimming and running and i am on edge all the time dreading the next exam that is about to come. i have put the work in at home and at school but it will properly will just do not as well as hoped

    is college a better alternative next year, and is it better for me as i have pretty much nearly gotten full marks in my coursework in all my subjects,

    also will college allow me to go to uni as well

    Everyone has moments of panic in exams.

    The main thing to do is just to have a decent breakfast- something like a bacon roll- and don't fret over revision too much. Don't compare yourself to others in exams, as if they are REALLY far ahead, that means they haven't put the effort in the questions before.

    Just calm yourself.

    And with regards to the other questions- only time will tell. Take each day in its stride, and try not to think too far ahead at the moment. Just focus on your exams in a calm manner.
    I got myself so worked up about exams, despite consistently getting As/A*s that I ended up in hospital after collapsing due to stress. Don't be like me. As soon as you can calm yourself, and relax, you'll be absolutely fine.

    Trust me.

    I totally understand you, I make myself ill (I end up losing my vision, passing out and throwing up) stressing about exams. I get A*s all the time in class but in the exams I panic and get Bs. I am so scared of failing and I get myself worked up into a frenzy. Good luck in your exams, I hope you do really well and get the grades you deserve!


    Am I the only person on this website who has found inner peace within themselves with exams.

    It only took 2 years of intense meditation atop Mount Fuji...smh
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