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Resits (due to mental health issues) and their possible effect on university offers? watch

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    So, I know the knee-jerk response to this post will be "hey, don't be so cynical, you haven't even got your result back yet", but I'm aware of this fact. I still think I'm absolutely hosed for AS. I'm midway through my exams, and none of them have even went decently. I do maths, physics, further maths and history (pleasure inducing combo, I know), and all four exams so far have been absolutely disastrous. My confidence is at rock bottom, I've just come home from a horrifying physics exam which caused me to cry in the exam room and I have three back to back exams tomorrow. The reality is, I'm not going to do well.

    I have severe clinical depression and anxiety, which has made living unbearable for the past several years. My GCSEs were literally a breeze (10 A*s and 2 As), due to the fact that I could do well with little revision. Now? I'd be lucky to get 4 Cs with the way my exams have been going. This brings me to my next point- resits. I may just redo the entirety of year 12, because I feel like that is genuinely a good option academically. It gives me the space to improve my mental health as opposed to forcing myself into year 13 and literally killing myself due to academic failures.

    Only issue is; does this impact university applications? If I mention that I have medical conditions, will it make the uni less harsh on the fact that I had to repeat Year 12? Just curious. I know socially, it will make me feel like trash. That's a given. I feel useless already, given that horrible people I've known in the past and who've hurt me are going into Oxford/Cambridge, and I have failures of AS exams to pitch up for them. Feel like a failure already, god.

    Most unis don't really give a s*** if you've repeated the year or not. However, if you do get Cs, I advise you to continue onto year 13 and try getting to uni ASAP as it will be a more free and calm environment with less pressure which would obviously help with your issue..

    I did much the same, but had a worse outcome. 10 A*'s 3 A's at GCSE, under performed at A Level with little revision but still managed to get an A* and two B's. I scraped in to Durham University on an equivalent grade but had no work ethic and struggled with anxiety. I managed to get through my first two years with late in the year cramming, missing a lot of lectures in the process and dropping down from a Masters to a Bachelors. I then had three attempts at my 3rd year, failing each one and eventually being required to leave the University.

    I cannot tell you how much I wish I had my time again to sort my issues out. If you have the option, take the time out now, get some cognitive behavioral therapy and sort yourself out, then reattempt AS level with a fresh mindset and work ethic. If you don't learn to work independently in sixth form you will be lacking the skills you need at a good University and suffer as a consequence as I have done.

    Please do not worry about having depression or anxiety. I saw it is a weakness but it is a chemical imbalance in your brain. There is a stigma attached because we associate the word with being sad, but it has a totally different meaning. It does not make you any less respectable as a person, in fact, if you overcome this obstacle it makes you more respectable!

    I went to sixth form with a lot of people who did three years for various reasons and none of them had trouble getting into university. I don't even think you'd need to bring up your mental health, unless of course you wanted to or you felt it was necessary. Sometimes people have bad years and things just don't go to plan. Do not beat yourself up about it, you are not useless.

    My advice would be to speak to a tutor who may be able to advise you on re-sitting. If you feel your exams have gone that badly, I do think it would be better to start the year over than trying to drag yourself through A2 whilst also doing AS resits. I'd also have a think about whether the subjects you are doing are what you enjoy and what you want to be doing. If you're re-sitting the year, that could be the perfect opportunity to switch up your subjects and try something new.

    When I went to college, I kept with familiar subjects that I was good at. I took maths, biology, chemistry and sociology. I only enjoyed sociology and was able to swap maths for law. I dropped chemistry after the first year, but I still had to get through biology and given the choice again, I would steer very clear of science and maths because I just didn't enjoy it. Make sure you're happy in your chosen subjects.

    I also really think it's worth speaking to someone about your mental health. I'm sure you've already sought help, but it never hurts to go back to your gp and just say you've been having a tough time and you need a bit of extra help. Maybe even see if your college has any kind of support that could benefit you. Don't worry about these exams (as a severe anxiety sufferer too, I know that's far easier said than done). By the sounds of things, you need to spend a bit of time on you. Learn to love yourself and realise that just because this year went badly, doesn't mean you can't pick yourself up and move on from it.

    I didn't have the greatest college experience, but life gets better
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