Advice on reaching to get the * on my A Watch

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I'm in yr11 and currently doing my GCSEs

So, very strangely a month before my GCSE exams I was predicted 10 As and no A*s. I have done two early GCSEs - Maths in Year 10 (A*) and ICT in Year 9 (A).

I was just wondering, for those who have a few A*s and actually revise with a plan, how do you maximise exam performance on the last days before an exam. After a week of GCSEs, I think it's fair to say I am on the borderline. (Eg chemistry I have got 50-53/60, Bio 46-48/60) for aqa.

However, my teachers have said if I revise well (as my CAs are quite good), I could get

Maths - done, A*
ICT - done, A
Eng Lang - A (coursework one of A, B)
Eng Lit - A* (coursework A*)
Food Tech - A (coursework A/A*)
Computing - A* (A* CA)
Business Economics - A* (36/40, Edexcel CA) (again on the borderline )
French - A* (A on CA (157/180 ish UMS, but he degraded that to A after exam)
Bio - A, Chem - A*, Phy - A* (with these same grades on ISAs)
RS - A* (no CA of course)

As you may be able to see my predicted are low but teachers know I can get the star 😀

But I'm not sure what it takes (is it extra revision, practice or anything!!!)

Those grades above would be ideal btw, I am aiming for 6A*s or above but even 11As is OK as I like to predict low so i avoid disappointment.

Thank you
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Past Papers Past Papers Past Papers PAST PAPERS
Do them.
If you don't know the answers whip out a text book and learn it. Especially focus on your boarderline ones

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