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Hello, I'm in my final year of university and I'm trying to apply for a masters degree to start in September this year. The funding issue is really, really annoying and confusing me though and there seems to be a total lack of clear information online. Here are my questions:

1) What exactly is funding? Is it a loan that I will have to pay back or is it just a flat out grant? Where do I apply for such fundings? I'm applying for postgrads in criminal law.

2) So I understand there is a new £10,000 loan that I fulfil all the criteria for. This starts at the end of June, so I've gathered; do I have to wait until then to 'apply' for this loan? Or should I be doing something now? What the hell is happening?

3) The university I'm applying to asked me to state if I was funding my own degree. I selected 'no' because I assumed I was going to go for the £10,000 loan when it becomes available. Now it's asking me to name my 'sponsor' for funding, but I have no idea what this means. Is this the part where I should write about the government loan? Or is a 'sponsor' something completely different?

4) I understand I've left this quite late. This is because I simply had no idea (was never told) that postgraduate programs opened for application so early. I was that busy with uni work I just assumed they would at least wait until everyone has finished uni to open for applications. Is the fact that I'm applying late going to totally screw me over? (please don't guilt-trip me)

If anyone could helpfully respond to those questions I'll love you forever. This is getting me down to no end. Thank you.
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Answer to question 3.

You should have said you were funding your own degree because you are (with a loan)

Answer to question 2.

Speak to the Student Finance for the appropriate area that you live in e.g. England, Scotland etc. They will advise you about applying for the Masters Loan, when and how to apply.

Answer to question 4.

Its only a problem that your a bit late to the party if all the places are already full this obviously depends on where you have applied to.

Best of luck with it all.

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