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Hi I'm an aspiring medic, hopefully applying for GEM (arts background) for 2017.

I graduated in 2013 and my go-to lecturer and head of programme has since left the uni/academia altogether (and now doesn't have the 'official' email addresses they seem to look for) and I'm not too sure if other lecturers would remember me tbh!

For the last year or so I've worked on my local trust's bank as a support worker and rotate around different wards - so I don't have a regular manager.

I have a GP placement coming up soon for a week shadowing GPs, GP Trainees and Nurse Practitioners - would a reference from a GP suffice??

Advice from anyone who's gone through the GEM route would be great
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didn't you have a personal tutor? OR perhaps jus ask the person in charge of your course.
I'd reccommend sending them your personal statement, as well as a cover letter to help them "remember" you haha

I asked the sueprvisor for my lab project to write mine, but as long as its someone from your uni and related to your course it should be fine to ask anyone. Jsut make sure you tell them lots about yourself, most of them probably have template references and then just insert a few particular things (achievements etc) about you anyway.
My reference was written in 15 mins (give or take, according to email delivery times!)

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