What resources is everybody using to revise for AQA AS biology? (New spec)

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Last year I did OCR biology at AS level and didn't do that great, and I really want to get a C this year (I'm redoing the year and this time am on the AQA exam board). Last year i only used the OCR main text book for revision, and so far this year I have revised the entire text book we were given in class (Biology for A-level year 1 and AS, it as a chameleon on the front) and have done a few past papers.

I was wondering if there is any other resources people are learning from that have been helpful as I'm so nervous about this exam because I want to pass this year and have been revising in my study periods for the last two months from the chameleon book, but just revising from the book didn't work out for me last year. I got an A at GCSE and am only looking for a grade C.

Also, i find the questions in past papers where you have to apply your knowledge really hard - Does anyone have any revision tips or help for these types of questions?

Thanks for any help!

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