I feel like I don't want a relationship at times, is this normal? Watch

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I've been with my girlfriend for 7/8 months now. We've had our ups and downs just like every relationship, we've been through good patches, we've been through bad patches but we've always stuck together no matter what.

At first I was smitten, I'd do anything for my girlfriend. If we fell out I would do anything to make things right again. I'm not saying I don't care about her anymore but I guess I've kinda got a back bone. See I used to let her talk to me like ****, she'd say nasty things out of anger or do something on purpose to wind me up (not cheating or anything to do with another boy). And I would always be the one to apologise and beg for her not to break up with me if she threatened to.

Recently however I've just kinda felt different. It's as though sometimes I can't be bothered being with her. It's only when she's being off wth me or acting as though she's not bothered about me or doesn't want to see me anything. Before I would try my best to resolve it but now I just think if she's not bothered than neither am I.

See I do love her to bits and I do really want to be with her deep down because at times she's amazing and such a good girlfriend/bestfriend. But when she's in a mood and starts being funny with me it starts pushing me away. Just don't know what to do cos I'm sick of it always being like this.

Is it normal to feel like this sometimes?
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at times she's amazing? I dunno man it seems to me like you're falling out of love.
I think it is quite normal to just get abit 'bored' especially if you're quite young.
I think maybe you should both take a break just to see if being with her is what you really want and that you're not wasting either one of yours timesssssss,(does that make sense,lol?) I think its also SO important that you communicate with her and just let her know whats on your mind.
Hope everything works out x
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Sounds like she has issues and you've fallen out of love.
I'd bail if I were you.

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