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I am a fairly competent and smart. I work hard and I devote nearly all my time to my studies. I messed up at gcse not badly but I was predicted 8 A* and 4A's but ended up with 1A* 10 A's and a B (but I know why my revision technique was ****).(also the B was down to an error by my school)Anyway at the start of this year a a head of subject told me categorically that I had no chance ever of getting into medicine and that the best I could ever hope for in life was a B and that I shouldn't hope for ever becoming a doctor. This absolutely devasted me as it caused me to break down and now I suffer from severe anxiety and depression (which I am being referred for by my doctor). Today I took my final AS exams,and I went horrifically (just as my others had gone horrifically) i opened the paper and had an effectively a panic attack I just couldn't do it. No my problem is that I know all the stuff I am an A student, I was predicted A's for Psychology and Latin (the 2 AS's I was taking this year) but Im doubtful I even scrapped an E in either. I feel like im drowning 99% of the time anyway but as soon as I get into exams it gets too much and It causes me to underperform.

I am fully aware that medicine requires you to pass a hell of alot of exams but if I stay like this I'm never going to get there as I'll never pass the exams with this anxiety ruining my potential. My mum is taking me to the doctors and she is hoping to get me signed off from school for the rest of the year as its just too much for me. I am hoping to either restart sixth form or just do Upper sixth at another school as having to see the man who sent me over the edge everyday is too much.

My mum is also worried that if i get and official diagnosis with depression or anxiety I won't be viewed as capable candiate for medicine as they would think that i cant cope, is this a fair assumption?

Has anyone got any advice or similiar stories.
Medicine is all I've ever wanted to do and I know I'm good enough but atm its just looking more and more impossible and quite frankly if I can't be a doctor I dont think I want to be around anymore.
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I am diagnosed with depression, anxiety and anorexia and was in hospital for a year and a half. universities can't discriminate you based on your health, if they do, you can report them. you will still need those med grades but once you're well enough to do the exam, they can't reject you because of 'incapability'.

you sound like you're under a lot of stress right now. I'm so sorry about that ****ty teacher. keep your head up.
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I think you need to take a step back. Forget about school, grades, medicine. This is your health - you can't do anything if you don't have your health and nothing - honestly not.a.thing - is worth ruining your mental health over.

I say this as someone who is likely a lot older than you who was highly ambitious at school and university and ended up in hospital. Don't do it to yourself. Please just step back - go and sit in a park and feed the ducks, listen the birds, look at the sky - don't think, don't talk, just sit for a while. Get away from everything and just breath.

If you work hard, try your best and keep pushing forwards, eventually life will take you to where you need to be - don't worry about it, what's meant to be will happen. In the mean time, look after yourself.
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Okay that teacher sounds like an absolute d***. How does he know what you're capable of? Is there not any way you can report him, especially since his comment has had such a negative influence on you?
I suffered with anxiety and felt very depressed through my gcse years but was swept under the door by doctors, councellors, teachers etc because there were always people who were "worse" than me. I got very similar gcse results to you.
Knowing this probably won't help you but I want you to know that you're not alone.
Honestly if you feel as though you should have the rest of year off to get better, then do it. At the end of the day, your mental and physical health will always be more important than your grades.
Would an athlete who is capable of winning a race still do the race if their leg was injured? No, they would wait for their leg to heal and then they would come back to do the race even stronger than before.
I hope everything works out for you

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