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So I'm currently doing a bsc hons in Creative Music Technology at Staffordshire University and about to finish my second year, and I've been having major doubts about whether or not I want to pursue a career in the music industry. I'm also considering going for video games.

I've always been a lover of video games, and for some odd reason it never occurred to me to pursue a career within it's industry, but recently along with these doubts about my current course, I've been strongly thinking about chasing this lifestyle, ideally 3d graphics design.

I have a deep passion to learn and I feel like I'd be more motivated studying towards this industry. Even before these thoughts, I wanted to atleast be involved with video games by possibly producing music for them. But having followed video game journalism for the past two years and researching all the ins and outs of how these great works come to life, I feel like all of my creative energy would fit this much better.

The only issue is I have ZERO experience, just the curiosity and passion to learn about it. I was wondering if it's possible for after graduating from my Bachelors of Science, I could apply for a masters degree as different as 3d computer games design at the same university. Would I be considered? I feel like when I picked this career path in music at 16 (I did a BTEC in music tech) I wasnt sure what I wanted to do, and only recently I've been having these 180 turn thoughts and I feel alot more comfortable and sure about this hopefully, possible alternative direction.
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I don't think you'll have a problem getting on to the MSc course. You may want to check the uni requirements and if they aren't clear, email and ask. What you may struggle with is breaking in to the industry without experience and a network. I'd advise picking a uni for your masters which will help you to build a network and gain lots of experience.

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