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    (Original post by SeanFM)
    Ask anything you want to know about being a student a Bath. I can share some of my experiences, but hopefully other students will be kind enough to chip in too! If there are enough people for it, I'll compile a list of students and what they study if people want to ask subject-specific questions.

    (Also, for current students a Bath society is in the process of being approved! :woo:)

    Ask a first year international management student thread

    Ask a second year Psychology (with placement) student thread


    What do you think of accommodation?

    Review of Eastwood - if you want me to put your review of the accommodation you stayed in, please let me know!
    I stayed in Eastwood as it was the cheapest accommodation there. It was in quite a nice area, lots of grass to sit on and right next to the woods. It was just under a 10 minute walk to the centre of campus and there was a road not too far from most buldings - good for being picked up / dropped off / getting groceries delivered.

    I shared with 10 other guys (not something I applied for!). It was quite an experience. I was lucky to have a few level-headed people who understood the importance of having a clean kitchen, bathroom etc and organised these things.

    The block consisted of one shared room and 10 single rooms. The shared and single room were on the ground floor, as well as the kitchen, entrance and communal area. There were reports of 'raccoons' clawing at someone's window on the ground floor in our flat, but I'm not sure whether that was true or not.

    There was enough fridge space (3 fridges) for us to have 1 shelf each. We also had 1 cupboard each, which was plenty of space. One crafty flatmate also stored stuff above the cupboards. Freezer space, however, worked out to be just shy of 1 shelf per flatmate, so we had to share / use spaces wherever they were, and try not to buy more frozen stuff than we needed to.

    The second floor had 4 rooms and a room with 2 showers and a toilet, plus two sinks. The showers were okay - not as much power as I was used to in London but it did the job - and the hot water was great. One shower head did fall off a few times, but we just had to screw that back on.

    The third floor had 5 rooms and a toilet plus two sinks. The way the rooms worked out, I was about a 2 second walk from the toilet/sinks so it was practically en suite!

    The rooms weren't exactly soundproof - if someone was having a loud party next door or talking in front of the block you could clearly hear it. In the bathroom you could also hear next door if they were loud.

    The stairs were some kind of stone and the hallways were small-ish but that wasn't a problem.

    My room was an okay size. It came with a desk, a bed, a lamp, a spinny chaira radiator and a wardrobe. My light broke once but was fixed soon enough.

    The laundrette could get busy at times but there was another one that wasn't as busy, and also didn't require your library card to enter (Each accommodation has different laundrettes that only they can go to.)

    The Parcel Collection Office was handy and under a 5 minute walk away from Eastwood.

    All in all it was a pretty nice place and I would love to stay there again.

    How does accommodation work?
    Only some people can stay in accommodation (mainly first years and people who meet other criteria here) and you can accommodation in the city. Oldfield Park and Southdown seem to be popular choices. Don't worry, this is all explained in a slideshow you get shown during the first year.
    What's the social life like?
    As for the social life, there are over 80 societies (with a few more being added this year like a Live Action group, and a friend is hoping to set up a Bridge society). These societies have socials which can be pretty interesting - like the comedy society is going to see a few comedians from Mock The Week, but sometimes the socials are just getting together and going to a particular bar/club.

    There are also a lot of people involved in sports and they do socials as well. It's a good way to make friends, stay fit and stick something on your CV.

    There's almost always something going on at the centre of campus - perhaps some SU officers (Students' Union) are there for people to talk to, or a society is raising money for charity or selling things, people advertising theatre productions, companies like EY setting up stands and talking to people, occasionally some singing and dancing.

    The SU has a few things going on during the week - a quiz and a few themed nights. There's also happy hour and some snooker tables/darts, which are pretty busy most of the time! They also show football matches/rugby from time to time, and the atmosphere is incredible, though it can get really, really packed.

    In town there's a nice ODEON Cinema as well as a smaller independent one. There's also a Nandos and some other fast food chains, a place called Komedia, as well as loads of shops and bars (Belushi's and Molloy's seem to be popular). There are a few options for clubbing, like XL, Bridge and Weir Lounge (which may have been renamed). Bristol is not too far away so if you wanted to you could hop on a train and go there for a night out.

    Almost all of the people I've met are nice/friendly people as well.
    What eateries are there?
    Placements - what are they like?
    A lot of courses have the option of doing a year in industry. You aren't guaranteed a placement, and if you don't find one you just go on to your next year of studies. It involves applying, doing tests online, telephone interviews, assessment centres, face to face interviews, some combination of those things, and if you're unlucky (or going for a really good placement) all of those things.

    The benefits: Work experience. Invaluable! And you'll really get to know whether that kind of thing is what you want to do in the future.

    Getting a feel for the working life: Preparing for life after graduation, getting used to 9 to 6, working with teams, going to socials/doing sports activities within the company.

    Pay: A lot of placements you get paid for, depending on what the role is and where. Some offer up to £20,000 for the year!

    If they're impressed by you, they may offer you a graduate job when you're finished with university.

    You gain lots of skills which will be useful for the future.

    Negatives: A few people find that they don't want to come back to the third year to study!

    I am in the process for applying for a placement so I don't have any personal experience yet.
    What's Bath like?

    My brief take on it, anyone else is welcome to pitch in too!
    Bath as a city is pretty good. It attracts a lot of tourists and there are some really talented street performers in town. There's a racecourse and a rugby ground in Bath as well as a golf course right next to the university. There are plenty of places to lock up a bike and the buses are pretty handy - though some don't run on Sunday, possibly Saturday as well. There are plenty of places to eat, shop etc. Things can get a bit expensive, apparently, but I can't tell as my parents usually do the shopping back home.

    The uni itself is lovely. There's a lake directly opposite of the library, where as long as it's not winter, people can sit by it and have lunch or hang out. There's two convenience stores, a post office, a Santander and another bank (Barclay? I've walked past it a lot of times), a good selection of eateries, a Costa, a massive place called the Sports Training Village, one or two places equipped with a few games consoles, a bar with a few snooker tables and darts,and most of these things are along something called The Parade, the centre being in front of the library where people are usually advertising things (like theatre productions, the student paper, selling cakes for charity etc). I'm told that there are over 80 societies which you can explore here.

    Attachment 468419Attachment 468419468425

    You get the opportunity to learn a language while you're here or continue one based on your level, which is pretty handy. I'm studying Japanese for the second year in the row and it's really something I look forward to every week. Did I mention that it's free?

    I can't speak for all of the accommodations, but the one I lived in (Eastwood, cheapest accommodation) was very nice and I had very few problems with it. They're all not too far from lectures (apart from the one in the city!) and I'd love to live there again for my second year (it's for first years only :cry2:). If you feel that I've missed out something, let me know.

    Advice to Maths applicants:
    There are some reviews of Bath and Maths at Bath in this thread. http://static1.tsrfiles.co.uk/15.3.1...lies/smile.png

    They don't normally do interviews unless you've been out of education for a while of they've got something that they feel like they need to talk about.

    Visit the place at least once - whether it's an Open Day or an Offer Holders' day. You'll get a feel for the campus/uni/staff etc and be able to decide whether it's for you or not.

    If you do end up coming to Bath, you'll realise that it's worth switching to a course called 'Mathematical Sciences' rather than 'Mathematics' but not to worry, as for the first year they do exactly the same modules and you get the opportunity to switch - but MathSci is just such a better course than Mathematics.

    Before I came to university I didn't really know what Algebra/Analysis was, and I found that I dislike Algebra. Thankfully the MathSci course lets you drop it after the first semester of Year 2. So look at courses carefully and think about what you'd actually enjoy.

    My AS grades were AABB in Maths, Physics, Chemistry and English Literature.

    My A2 grades were predicted A*AAA in Maths, Physics, Further Maths, Chemistry and achieved A*AAB in the same order.

    My offer was A*AA in Maths, Further Maths and any 3rd subject or A*AB and a 2 in any STEP (but I didn't sit that in the end http://static1.tsrfiles.co.uk/15.3.1...olondollar.gif)

    If there#s anything else, let me know. http://static1.tsrfiles.co.uk/15.3.1.../smilies/h.gif

    Otherwise, best of luck with your applications!
    For students that go to bath, how was it like on the first week, was it easier to mix in or was it 'cliquey'? Are there lots of extracurricular student activities to do?
    The first week of the first year was quite daunting. I remember that on my first night, some of us in our flat played cards and got to know eachother a bit and it wasn't too bad.

    Then Freshers' week was just packed with stuff to do. You get a team of second years that give you tours during the day and then parties at night. They also manage your closest neighbouring flats so you get to meet a group of people pretty quickly. I also remember that people went around writing notes on doors of blocks, inviting them to a party at a particular block, as well as invitations on facebook. And after a while, everyone seems to have mixed in pretty well. People were going off to all of the different accommodations that were hosting pre drinks. And through the nightlife it's always possible to meet new people.

    On my course (Maths) however, groups formed very quickly and within a few weeks people were either sitting on their own or in groups of 2-3 or 4-5. But I think that's largely to do with what Maths students are like and not the uni.

    There are loads of ways to get involved. There are over 80 societies (or so I'm told) and there's something for everyone. Be it acting, writing, baking, singing, you name it.
    Hi i have got the offers from bath school of management, bristol university, warwick business school and cass business school .I want to pursue masters in management. Being an international student I dont have much idea about universities and their overall ranking. Please help me in deciding the best university .Looking forward to hear from you soon
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    (Original post by smgoel)
    Hi i have got the offers from bath school of management, bristol university, warwick business school and cass business school .I want to pursue masters in management. Being an international student I dont have much idea about universities and their overall ranking. Please help me in deciding the best university .Looking forward to hear from you soon
    Heya, I've moved this to a more appropriate forum for you because, as a student, I am not in the best place to be able to compare reputation and ranking of different universities. I would say that while Bath is a good uni in the UK, internationally it doesn't have much of a reputation, so as an international student that may be of importance to you.
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    Thanks alot . I appreciate your efforts. It will be really helpful if you can forward my query to some other forums simultaneously. I have just been given a weeks time to decide .
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