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Hey everyone,

I'm new here and just this morning sat my RAF AST exam (my first ever one)

Unfortunately, the AFCO say I haven't passed. I knew I wasn't going to do very well on the Maths section ( and I only scored a 2 on it). It's just an area I always struggle with unfortunately.

My breakdown is as follows...

Group Scores

A: 33
B: 32
C: 33
D: 40

Specific Skills
(VR) 4
(NR) 2
(WR) 3
(EC) 4
(MC) 5
(SR) 3

What I wanted to know was what does this group score mean and how is it calculated? They said today that my understanding of electronics, and mechanics is very good. I think I was more nervous than anything with the insanely low time limits so I rushed quite a bit. It's now been seven years since my proper GCSEs. I know I did exams at University, but these were pretty easy and were just miniature essays within a set time limit of usually an hour or so, and if you read the reading and or resource material and remembered it (you pretty much got either a 2:1 or first lol).

I also meet the criteria on quite a few things, but then the group scores mess it up.



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