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so on my gcse exam certificates, my name is written as my middle name as my first name and my first name as the middle. before I took my gcse's, I spoke to the exams office who told me it would be fine as the names are the same to the ones on my passport, just in a different order. however, do universities request to see your exam certificates on enrolment? if this happens what do I do, I've had someone told me I just need a teacher at my school to clarify in my reference that whilst the name is different from my actual name, we are the same person but this is worrying me now
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You probably won't have to show your exam certificates (I don't know of anyone who did A Levels that this happened to). It seems like a simple mistake, especially if you're first or middles names are a bit unusual, and they'll understand it. It may make you feel better if you get a letter from your school explaining the situation now incase you need it and bring a scan of your birth certificate/passport to university with you incase you need to show it.

If you are really worried then I'd email the university and just explain the error so they're aware of it If it would cause a problem then at least you told them rather than them finding out and thinking you lying to them about something!
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They wont ask to see if you are meeting an offer through UCAS. They get the results at the same time. It wont cause you a problem in future either so id be reluctatnt to pay for new copies.

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